Monday, April 20, 2015

So, It's Been A While

You may have noticed I wasn't blogging for a while. Like for a couple of years!
I've missed it and I'm back!

My UL business continues to grow. I've been able to achieve some big goals and had some great experiences. The greatest has been being named to UL's Advisory Board, a goal I've had for many years. It's been wonderful working with our CEO, founder and home office to staff. It's exciting to watch our company grow in so many ways. UL just keeps getting better!

I also earned a fabulous trip to our Leadership conference in Cancun last year. In between meetings and training, I spent as much time on the beach as possible, making some beautiful memories with a great group of people.

Just this year, I attended Leadership in Orlando, which was another chance to play before a weekend of training.

Of course, I've spent most of my time doing what I love the most about my business: connecting with my customers, hostesses and team members, to help improve their lives with our products and business opportunity. Whether I'm helping a customer add an inspirational expression to her home or showing a mom how she can make money while working around her family's schedule, I get so much out of making those special connections. Sharing our designs is always fun and rewarding, especially when I meet someone who is as excited about vinyl as I am.

What better way to share that enthusiasm with more people than by jump-starting my blog again? I hope you'll find ideas, tips and inspiration that will help improve your life with a little UL. Thanks for being here.


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