Friday, March 25, 2011

New Business Builders Starter Kit Available For A Limited Time

Uppercase Living has always been all about choices, not just in the tremendous variety of products we offer but also in the ways you can start and run a business as a UL demonstrator. Starting Saturday, March 26, a new Starter Kit offers yet another option for those who are ready to grab this fantastic Uppercase Living opportunity and create a successful new venture for yourselves. Introducing the Uppercase Living Business Builders Starter Kit:

Available only for a limited time, this kit, valued at over $500, is only $279. It is only $80 more than our Essentials Plus Starter Kit but is so much more substantial. Incidentally, it's just $30 more than I paid for my kit back in the day and I didn't get nearly this much cool stuff.  This kit includes:

  • $150 in Uppercase Living products of your choice
  • Display Kit - $100 value with 3 expressions and 3 accessories
  • One Year Premium Website with Shopping Cart - $59.95 value
With just those components, you've more than covered the price of the kit. But you also get additional catalogs and business supplies which will only help you get your business going better, faster and stronger! Of course, you'll receive support not just from me, but from an amazing group of fellow Demonstrators and a Corporate Office who is totally committed to your success.  

For those who don't want to make this much of an initial investment, our other two starter kits also include a bonus. If you choose our $99 Essentials Kit, you'll receive an extra $25 in product credits to use on whatever you like. With the $199 Essentials Plus Kit, you will get an extra $50 in product credits for a total of $150. A word of warning, all of these specials are only available through June 4.

Having been in this business for nearly three years, I totally understand that it is different for each Demonstrator. Some of you just want to cover your addiction to Uppercase Living and plan to share your Demonstrator discount with family and close friends. Others want a chance to make a few hundred extra dollars a month while not taking significant time away from your families. And others are ready to commit to a UL business, make the most of this opportunity and take advantage of everything it offers. Whichever choice is right for you, there is a corresponding Starter Kit . I'm here to support you in all the ways that will make you succeed and reach your individual goals.

I'd love the chance to learn about your goals and together decide which kit will be best for you. Comment here or email me to learn more. I'm so excited for anyone who decides to jump in with this great company and look forward to welcoming you to my team!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrating Nowrooz the UL Way

You've seen me post ideas for a variety of different holidays, but this one marks a first for Please Use Your Words: a UL idea for Nowrooz.
Nowrooz, which literally means "new day," is the Persian New Year, celebrated on the first day of spring (the perfect time to celebrate a new year, in my opinion). In Persian households throughout the world, you'll see a table set with a number of traditional items. The "haft seen" is not unlike a Christmas tree in that every family has one, each is unique and all are beautiful. Unfortunately, this lovely tradition has fallen by the wayside in my own home, having fallen in priority below endless homework, baseball practice and the rush of daily life (plus, where am I going to find a clear surface to adorn?). This year, I was inspired to make up a vinyl version which I quite like. Think about it: I can use it year after year, nothing rots or gets smelly, and no messy egg dying.
I'd love to see how you use Uppercase Living in your holiday celebrations, so share your photos and ideas with me.


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