Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! January Preview

Hooray! It's New Year's Eve. It's been a great year in so many ways. But, I have to admit, I'm kind of ready to get all this year-end hoopla over with and get on with 2011 already! Here are just a few little things I need to tell you before 2011 officially ends:
  • Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. Make sure you submit your order before the ball drops to take advantage of it. 
  • January's special is Buy-Two, Get One FREE! It applies to absolutely everything, so dust off your wish list. The sales period doesn't officially begin until January 4th, but you can contact me with your pre-orders right now. Pre-orders are not available on my website.
  • I am now scheduling parties for January and February. It is a great time to share the Buy Two, Get One Free special with your friends, so reserve your date and get ready to socialize, share ideas, and earn free products! February promises more specials, so choose your date before they fill up. 
  • My personal special for January is FREE Installation. If you are in my area, I'll happily come over to help you install any Uppercase Living expressions. There is no fee and no purchase requirement. All you have to do is schedule a time.
  • I'm working on a brand new look for my newsletter. If you'd like to receive it (1-2 times/month and your email address will NOT be shared with any outside party) you can sign up here or let me know to add you to my mailing list. 
I'm so looking forward to working with all of my wonderful hostesses and customers in the new year. Whether I do a party in your home, help you design a meaningful personal expression, or welcome you to my team as a new Demonstrator, I know my year will be better because of you. Happy 2011. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late December Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season, despite the awful weather that most of us seem to be having. With just a few days to go until Christmas, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the happiest of holidays, thank you for your support this past year, and tell you about some great deals, special offers and changes coming in the new year.
FREE SHIPPING and CLEARANCE SPECIALSFrom now through Dec. 31, get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50! Whether you've had your eye on some pieces for your home, have some gifts to get for January birthdays or want to get a head start on Valentine's day, save on shipping when your total order, before sales tax, reaches $50. Getting to $50 will be easy when you check out the great clearance deals in the Special Offers section of my website. You will find a variety of items with deep discounts, including a pre-painted photo board set. Our popular card sets are marked down to $3.95 a pack! There's a lot more that you'll have to check out for yourself, but don't wait because all clearance items are in limited quantity. FREE Shipping and Clearance Discounts are a double deal that you won't want to miss.
LAST CHANCE To Purchase Items from Holiday Mini CatalogDecember 31 is also your last opportunity to order from our popular Holiday Mini Catalog. The exclusive items in this catalog may or may not return in the future, so if you've had an item in mind, don't let it slip away. Among our most popular holiday items have been the Halloween Countdown Set, Mr. Bones, Pumpkinhead Activity Set, Gratitude Tree with dry erase leaves, Holiday Decor Sets, Build-A-Snowman Activity Set and the fantastic Christmas Countdown Kit. But don't forget that so many of the items in this catalog are designed with an everyday option as well as a holiday one. Certainly the Gratitude Tree is lovely year-round. Other great choices are the Double Frameworks Kit, Sentiments Photo Frame Kit, Welcome Kit with Red Vintage Embossed Metal Board, Chalk Wall Placemats and of course, the iron-on vinyl sets. There are also everyday options with the coaster kits and gift tin kits. It's worth taking a final look through this catalog before the 31st to make sure you won't miss anything you've been wanting to get.
Buy Two, Get One Free Special Makes January Parties Even More Fun
Think about January: the holiday decorations are down and your home looks a little more bare than you remember. Plus with all the holiday activity, including family events, you're kind of ready to get the kids back to school, catch up with friends and resume your daily routine. A really great way to get back into the swing of things in January is to host your own Uppercase Living party. Get some great new decorating ideas (and fill up those bare spots you're starting to notice in your home) and get your friends together to catch up on the holiday news. Put out some light refreshments (no cookies or eggnog!) and I'll bring a fun craft so you and your friends can ease into the new year at a casual get together.

The only way to add to the fun is a great offer from Uppercase Living, so here it is: Buy Two, Get One Free!!! From January 4 to 31, you can choose one item FREE for every two you buy. This promotion applies to all of our catalog items, Photo Prints and even Custom Designs! There are no limits to the savings, so start planning your shopping list. Of course, you don't have to attend or host a party to take advantage of this special. Just place your order with me or online starting January 4. However, a party is always more fun!

I'm now scheduling parties in January and February, when our Inspirations Incentive will be offering more great benefits for customers and hostesses alike. And since it's the season of giving, I'll have a bonus gift for each person who contacts me to schedule a party and mentions this newsletter. The two incentives will definitely make me very busy in January and February, so don't hesitate to contact me to get your preferred party date.
FREE INSTALLATION Special Coming in January!
I'm so excited to offer my first ever FREE INSTALLATION special throughout January. If you are one of those people who have purchased some expressions and left them in a back corner of a closet, waiting for the day you get around to putting them up, this special is for YOU!  All through January, I'll be making house calls to get those expressions out of the closet and on to the walls! While this offer is limited to those in my immediate area, please let me know if you're a little further out and would like some installation help. I'll do my best to accommodate everyone. Appointments are first come, first served, so contact me now to reserve yours.
Birthday Greetings!
Happy Birthday to the following ladies who celebrated their big day in November and December: Irina M, Mary T, Mimi C, Robyn P, Melinda M, Stephanie V, Caroline B, Kristy L, Nancy S, Kristy F, Marcy L, Vicki S, Maria A, Bonnie C, Charissa B, Heather K, Susan F, Gina H, Gina H,Jane M, Pam S, Sharon B, Patti M, Jean B, Holly F, Laurie G, Jessica D, Lauri M, and my sweet friends Amanda, Liz and Jennie. My gift to each of you is 10% off any item of your choice.
Looking Ahead 

Hopefully, the next edition of Torreh's Uppercase Living News! will come to you with a brand new look. I'm working on moving my newsletter to a new provider and plan to have it ready for you by the next issue. Please bear with me if there are any hiccups during this transition.
Other things to look forward to include the Uppercase Living Inspirations Incentive, and hopefully a large scale fundraiser to be announced in January. Of course, I never know just what's around the corner, so stay tuned to this newsletter, my blog and Facebook for all the latest information.
Your Double Up Rewards Are In the Bank!
If you've purchased anything from me in the last 6 months, your purchase amount has been doubled and is waiting to be applied to the next Uppercase Living party you host! For many of you, this can increase your FREE hostess rewards by one or even two levels. During the last several months, my hostesses saved an average of $150 to $200 just by hosting a casual Uppercase Living party! To check your Double Up Reward amount, just reply to this email or give me a call and see just how much you have already earned!

I'd like to extend a special "Thank You" to all of you customers, hostesses, friends and cheer leaders who have supported me and my business this last year. I appreciate each of you and don't take for granted that you allow me into your homes and your lives, tell me your family stories, and use the products I provide to enhance the spaces you live, play and work in. The best part about my job is working with so many wonderful people and watching them enjoy their homes even more when their expressions are applied (I even got a hug from a customer when I helped transform her kitchen this month!). I look forward to working with you all in 2011 and well beyond.
May you all spend the holiday season surrounded by those you love and have a happy, healthy New Year filled with special moments.
All the best,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Delivery Order Deadline Is Today-You Need Some Help!

This is it! Today is the last day to order items and be guaranteed that they'll be delivered by Christmas. You no longer have time to mess around and plan projects. You're down to the wire! Fear not, help is here by way of my Top 5 Holiday Best Sellers List. These are what Uppercase Living customers have been purchasing the most of from our Holiday Catalog. You can check off a lot of names on your gift list with this list alone. So here they are (in no order at all):

1. Countdown To Christmas Kit: Not only is this kit a best-seller, it's absolutely adorable in person. You can read more about it here.

2. Build A Snowman Activity Set: You'll love the giant size of this snowman and being able to use it year after year.

3. Gift Tin Kits: The Christmas Tree set seems to be the best seller company-wide but my customers also really like the "Enjoy" design, probably because it can be used year-round.The heart in the design makes it perfect for Valentine's Day. Read my cute recipe to fill the tins here.

4. Cheers Coaster Kit: Once again, my customers are bucking the trend and choosing the Medallion Set. You know how I feel about coasters. Enough said.

5. Merry Christmas Decor Set: With over 48 pieces, this is a great value. As I told you, my friend Sophia has this set displayed in her kitchen. She told me all of her Open House guests loved it. I know this is true because one has already called me to order it!

There you have it, 5 wonderful gifts that are easy to give and fit lots of different people's tastes. I'll be available most of the day Monday to help with any last minute orders, so please don't hesitate to contact me. As always, you can also place your orders directly on my website. When you're done, give yourself a big pat on the back for doing such a great job shopping, and getting it done early!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Customer Photos: Sophia's Holiday Home

My friend Sophia is an elegant hostess with a talented eye for decorating. Small wonder she is a successful consultant for Willow House (formerly Southern Living At Home). Today I had the pleasure of helping Sophia with some Uppercase Living products as she decorates for her upcoming customer Open House. With a professional floral artist on hand, as well as contractors working elsewhere on her property, her home was bustling with preparations for her big event. I arrived with my 4-year old in tow, got him settled with a toy and got to work. (I love that I can take my son to "work" with me!)
The pine trees are the perfect accent for this arched doorway

Sophia had ordered the Merry Christmas Holiday Decor Set and decided to use it in her large kitchen. It turned out to be the perfect choice. With 48 pieces, we were able to decorate two doorways, a large arch, and her French doors. Everything coordinated beautifully without looking overly cute. There were even extra holly leaves left over to add to some of the kitchen cabinets.

Despite all that, by far the best part of today's installation was when Sophia realized, after living in her home for 7 years, that she could finally decorate her range hood. Situated in a stone surround, it has been quite impossible for Sophia to hang, stick, screw in or otherwise decorate for Christmas in this part of her kitchen. Watching her delight when she realized that her problem was solved reminds me again why I love my job so much. You can bet I got a big hug when I stepped off the stool to admire the expression! The "Merry Christmas" looks fantastic decorating the focal point of Sophia's beautiful kitchen. As a removable, reusable Decorative Print, Sophia will be able to use it for years to come.

If you'd like to visit Sophia's home and see her beautiful decor for yourself, you're in luck. Her Willow House event is Friday evening in the Westlake Village Trails neighborhood. You can email Sophia for directions. If you'd like to place a Willow House order, you can visit her website (lots of great items just got marked down 40%!). I highly suggest you try to drop by, as our friend Rosalie from Tastefully Simple will be there with delicious treats to sample.You'll  also find more Uppercase Living products scattered through Sophia's home. You'll love her great ideas for holiday and everyday decor and entertaining. 

Decorative Print Tip: The adhesive on our Decorative and Photo Prints is quite strong and might make it difficult to remove the Print, especially from non-porous surfaces. You can "dirty up" the back of the Print by adhering it to a tablecloth, rug or fuzzy sweater before you apply it to your wall or other surface. The lint will make it easier for you to remove the Print but will not interfere with the adhesive.


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