Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Late March Customer Newsletter

There's so much news to share with you that I just couldn't wait until next month to tell you about it. You will want to take advantage of some great deals before they expire and hear all about our new spring Celebrations catalog with tons of kits for all the upcoming events! There are also great opportunities for hostesses and new demonstrators as well as our brand new fund raising program. Here we go!

Final Weeks for Buy 2 Get 1 FREE
As always, our Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion has been very popular. The special applies to ALL catalog items including accessories, Photo Prints and custom designs. This is a great time to stock up on things like party favors, wedding decor, or anything you'll need multiples of. We love anything that makes gift giving and decorating affordable. The deadline to take advantage of this fabulous promotion is Monday, April 5 at noon (MST). However, I will be celebrating my son's birthday on the 3rd and away on the 4th and 5th with very limited access to our ordering system. If you need my help placing an order, please don't wait until the last couple of days of this busy promotion period. Of course, you can place orders on my website through the morning of April 5th.

NEW! Spring Celebrations Mini Catalog

You are going to absolutely love Uppercase Living's brand new mini catalog. Filled with kits for all those big events in the spring from graduations to weddings to Mother's Day, Father's day and so much more. Brides will love the Grande Format monograms and expressions that are sized perfectly for dance floors. Moms will love the choice of kits for heartfelt teachers' gifts. Add a metal photo board for Father's Day, some reusable full color birthday party decorations with matching favor bags and a fantastic, personal graduation gift and you are pretty much set for the entire season. You will thank yourself for making your gift giving so simple this year.

You can begin placing orders from this new catalog starting April 6. I'll be mailing or dropping off copies to former hostesses this week. I do have a pdf file of the entire catalog which I'd be happy to send to anyone who'd like it. I didn't want to attach it here because it is quite a large file. I can also mail a physical copy to you if you'd like one. Just let me know!

Bump Up Rewards for Hostesses
For a short time in April, qualifying hostesses can bump up their rewards one level to earn even more free and half-price items. To take advantage of this bonus, your party needs to CLOSE between April 6 and April 23. With so many great products not just in our regular catalog but in the Celebrations mini, your friends will have lots to choose from to help you earn big rewards. Because this bonus period is so short, my available dates will fill up quickly. Please contact me ASAP with your preferred dates so we can get your party on the calendar.

Bonus Incentive for New Demonstrators
Through the end of March, I am offering a $25 sign up bonus to anyone who joins my sales team. Here's the simple math: your starter kit, which costs $99 (Essentials Plus kit is $199) comes with a $25 product credit and a $25 bonus from me. That means you're essentially spending $49 on your kit. You choose how you'd like your bonus: cash, products or supplies. UL has so much to offer this spring that your business is sure to get off to a quick start and you'll soon be enjoying working your business the way I do: on your time, around your family's schedule and however you like (in your pajamas, at Starbucks, with friends, ALL OF THE ABOVE)! To learn more about why now is a great time to join my team, read
my blog post on this very subject. I'm pleased to tell you that so far this month 3 smart ladies have taken me up on my offer. If you'd like more information about this fun business, just let me know. And if you mention that you read my monthly newsletter, I'll add an extra bonus for you when you join my team.

NEW! Fund Raising Options
Calling all team moms, cheer moms, dance moms and anyone who has a cause you need to raise money for. UL has just announced a fantastic fund raising program for your team or group. Reasonably priced embellishments with custom lettering put money right back into your group. Customized flyers make this process easy to manage. Just contact me so we can discuss how our great products can benefit your group!

Project Night
I'm tentatively planning a Project Night in early May where everyone can work on any kit from the new Spring mini catalog. As always, there will be plenty of refreshments and good company. If you'd like to participate, please send me an email or leave me a comment here. Also, let me know if you have a preferred date, day of the week or time of day. We all had a good time at my winter Project Night/Ornament Party. This will be lots of fun too!

Texas Ladies
I'll be in the San Antonio area briefly during Spring Break. Although my time and transportation are very limited, I'm always up for talking UL. If you'd like to get together to discuss our products or fabulous business opportunity, please let me know. I will do my best to work it into my schedule.

April Birthdays
Happy early birthday to Sabra, Becki W., Barbara Z., Tammy W., and Debbie K. You can each choose one item for 10% off as my happy birthday gift! If your name isn't on my birthday list just send me an email and let me know when it is.

Everything Else
Thanks for reading this far. If you'd like this newsletter sent directly to your inbox, leave a comment and let me know.

I'm looking forward to all of your Springtime parties and can't wait to show you all that's new in our mini catalog.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Timing is Everything!

We've always heard that the early bird gets the worm and all that. But really, who wants a worm? Sometimes, opportunity is not about being early but being right on time. And if you've thought about joining my Uppercase Living team by becoming a Demonstrator yourself, now is the time!

So you're thinking, "Come on. I can do this whenever. Why is right now better than next month, or this summer, or before the holidays?" I thought you'd never ask. Here are just a few reasons, aside from our outstanding product line, generous business plan and fantastic support and training, which are always in place:
  • Buy Two, Get One FREE - If you sign up now, you'll be able to offer this great deal to your customers immediately. You don't even have to wait for your starter kit to arrive. And if you want to buy some things for yourself, then you can use your Demonstrator discount on top of the Buy Two, Get One FREE special.
  • A Brand New Celebrations Catalog - Starting April 6, you'll have a brand new catalog, full of gift, favor, and decor kits for all the spring occasions coming up, to show your customers. From Bridal Showers to Father's Day, it's all covered with signature UL style and affordable prices.
  • New Incentives To Motivate and Reward You - Look forward to earning extra rewards as your new business takes off with a bang! Just join my team by April 1 and I'll help you reach those milestones. How will you spend the extra bonuses you earn?
  • Our New Fundraising Program - Offer your local sports teams a fun and easy fundraiser. The team moms will love you and you'll love supporting your community while your business grows.
  • MY EXCLUSIVE CASH BONUS! - I'm offering a $25 BONUS to anyone who joins my team in March. You can choose cash, products or supplies. It's totally up to you! Here's the math: $99 Starter Kit - $25 Product Credit Included - $25 BONUS FROM ME = a brand new business for you for only $49!!!
So, there you have it. A lot of reasons why now is a great time to start this amazing journey. If you're still reading, then you're already mulling it over. Give me a call and let's talk about this great opportunity for a while. I'll answer all of your questions and then let you decide. When you weigh all the ways you'll benefit by jumping in now, I'm pretty sure you'll agree that there's no time like the present.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Take Your Expressions Up A Notch with MyDesign Suite

You’ve all seen the MyDesign Suite icon in the catalog, right? When it's next to an expression, it means that it has been created specifically for customization in the MyDesign Suite. But that doesn’t mean that expressions without this icon cannot be customized as well. We all love our UL Expressions. But we love them just a little bit more when we've had a hand in designing them and making them even more personal. Here are a few expressions that were not designed to be further customized but look so good with the addition of a MyDesign element.

This simple love expression is beautifully enhanced by adding the personalization. I would love to see this at a wedding reception or even on the dance floor!

Not only is this football expression great for a teenager's room, it would be fantastic in the locker room to personalize each player's locker. How's that for team spirit?

If you've been to my home lately, you've seen this ultra-popular Dandelion Dance expression. Here it is combined with a beautiful saying created in the MyDesign Suite. (Keep in mind that this is what this design would look like after you put it on the wall; not what it looks like in MyDesign Suite. Dandelion Dance is a theme pack, so you’ll place the seedlings in whatever pattern you want when you actually apply it).

My son has a friend who is crazy for pirates and this would be perfect for him. You can easily pull this expression into the MyDesign Suite, add a custom expression with your child’s name, match the colors of his room…and voila! So cute!

Finally, here is a little something for your own space, if your name is Karen. If it's something else than you'd probably not want this exact expression. I love the combination of colors and fonts in this design.

The sky is truly the limit with MyDesign Suite. Be as creative as you want to be, and don’t be afraid to try new and even weird or funky things. You'll have so many chances to change your design before you actually have to commit to one. Not only will you be surprised at what MyDesign Suite can help you create, but you'll love saving on truly custom expressions for your home with our Buy Two Get One FREE promotion going on now!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get Organized on the Cheap with Chalk Walls

So, it's mid-March, which means that you're probably beating yourself up about not keeping your New Year's resolutions. Or is that just me? If you're one of the gazillion people who has promised themselves that this is the year you will get organized once and for all, you are definitely not alone. I struggle with this, too, along with many of my friends. And judging by just how popular our Chalk Walls are, so do many of my customers. One of my most popular products, Chalk Walls are most commonly ordered for kids' rooms and kitchens. Not surprisingly, these are two of the rooms in the home that are most in need of organization.

Let's start with the kitchen. This is most families' gathering place and a prime location for an organizational tool to make everyone's lives a little easier. Whether it's a master calendar for the week's activities, a perpetual shopping list (like the one in the kitchen on the Brady Bunch!) or a central place to write down phone messages (no more lost Post-It notes!), a Chalk Walk in the kitchen just makes sense. Many kitchens simply do not have the wall space for artwork. But Chalk Walls come in a variety of sizes that are even narrow enough to go on a refrigerator. They can even be cut down to fit cabinet doors. A small piece on a dishwasher will eliminate the eternal question, "Are these dishes clean or dirty?" And a Chalk Wall on a lower cabinet gives a little one the perfect safe spot to be creative while Mommy is in the kitchen.

Chalk Walls are also the coolest way to keep kids organized and on track, while giving them a blank canvas to express their own creativity at the same time. Changing their minds is as easy as wiping a Chalk Wall clean and starting again. Create a Homework Command Center where your kids can keep track of assignments. Assign weekly chores with the Calendar Kit. Whether you're working on Potty Training, chores or remembering to brush teeth, a Chalk Wall makes a perfect reward chart. My favorite use for Chalk Walls is to surprise kids with funny and encouraging notes; anything that helps us communicate with our children gets an A+ from this mom!

Not only are Chalk Walls a smart organizational tool, you can be a smart shopper and save now using our Buy 2 Get 1 FREE promotion. A friend of mine purchased 3 Chalk Wall Rectangle Panels today: 2 are for her sons' rooms to help them stay organized and the third is for her kitchen. It will either hold her to-do list or her grocery list. The best part of her purchase is that she got the third one FREE! Knowing this particular friend, it won't be long before she orders a Chalk Wall for her daughter's room, another for the playroom and one more for her home office.

How are Chalk Walls helping you to stay organized? Send me a photo and you might just find your home featured right here!

Chalk Wall Tip #1: Use chalk markers, found in craft stores, for a fun addition of color on your Chalk Wall. Clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

Chalk Wall Tip #2: On my web site and in my catalog, chalkboard vinyl is
designated with black and gray stripes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheap and Easy Gift Giving with Buy Two, Get One FREE

UL's Buy Two, Get One FREE promotion is in full swing and lots of smart customers have been saving a ton on their purchases. Whenever a great deal like this comes along, I always recommend that people stock up. For some of my customers this presents a mental block. With so much product to choose from, it can become difficult to choose items for the future without concrete details available. Never fear, though. I'm here to make the process easier.

Using this promotion to purchase several gifts at once, will not only save you plenty of money, but lots of time and stress, too. Just follow my simple steps and you'll be done in no time.

First, take a look at your calendar and make a list of all the occasions that you'll have to purchase gifts for in the next few months. In addition to specific dates and holidays, keep in mind milestone events such as retirements, graduations and the end of the school year. As you're doing this, make a list of each person who you'll need a gift for on each occasion. For example, under Mother's Day, you might have your mom, mother-in-law and grandmother.

Now, this is the part where you can save yourself a ton of time: figure out how many people you can give the same type of gift to, with a slight variation if needed. So for Mother's Day, you might choose a metal charger with a Mother's Day expression on it, but you would vary the color scheme to match each recipient's favorite colors or decor. Or for your children's teachers, you might choose to give a set of coasters with different monograms or a different embellishment depending on each teacher's interests.

From here you can begin to make your shopping list. Most likely, you will have a Foundations (accessory) piece and a vinyl expression (or a set of them) for each person. Here's the part where you realize just how much you can save: as you tally the number of items you will need, remind yourself that every third one is FREE. So, if you need 6 acrylic blocks, for example, you'll receive 2 FREE. And here is where you can really save. If you've done your homework and picked out enough items to reach $200 (not including the free items) you can submit your order as a party order, get even more free items and FREE SHIPPING.

Let's face it. Many of us find ourselves in a difficult financial situation right now. We're cutting corners where we can and that may include gift-giving. But there are certain people and occasions that we just can't and don't want to ignore. A little planning and smart shopping can let you stay within budget and give a thoughtful, personalized gift. If Costco could provide the perfect individualized hand made gift program, this is what it would be like: the perfect gift priced as low as $10-$15 apiece. If you're short of ideas, I've got plenty and they won't cost you a thing!

Friday, March 5, 2010

UL Giveaway from Today's Creative Blog!

I am so proud of sweet bloggy friend Kim. Once upon a time, she started a little blog to help all of us find inspiration for crafts, decorating, home projects, and lots more. She has turned Today's Creative Blog into a powerhouse destination with tons of loyal followers. You can read her blog for days, and link from it to more blogs that will suck you in with great ideas and even greater eye candy. I'm so impressed with her that one of the first things I did when I created this blog was to grab her button and slap it on my sidebar so you could all go peek at all her awesome goodness.

One of the (many) other great things about Kim is how willing she is to support and promote her other blogs and businesses. She's been a big cheerleader of mine since I started with Uppercase Living and I so appreciate her support. Today she's hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate from yours truly. So, go on over, enter to win, and tell her T sent you.


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