Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Count The Days Until Christmas With Our Fun Advent Calendar

All over the Internet, the crafty blogs are buzzing with different ideas and projects for Advent. If you're a DIYer, you might take a look around and make your own project. However, if you can't stand the thought of completing one more project between now and Christmas, not to mention anything having to do with hot glue, craft supplies and long lists of instructions making you want to pack it in and skip the holiday altogether, take a look at the charming Christmas Tree Advent Calendar from Uppercase Living. 

Available in three sizes, this 26 piece set can be used year after year because it is made out of the same material as our removable, reusable Decorative Prints. You'll have a different numbered "ornament" to add to the tree each day, and when there's just one day left until Christmas, you can top your tree with the star. This is a perfect gift for any family with children (old or young). You can even order it and have it shipped directly to your recipient to start enjoying right away! Actually, that might be a good idea. Because when you see this adorable set in person, you're really going to have a difficult time parting with it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Back! The 2nd Annual Any Color But Black Friday Sale With A FREE Expression For Everyone!

Hooray! My exclusive Any Color But Black Friday Uppercase Living Sale is back! I love you all so much and hate the thought of you being stuck in a Godawful strip mall, waiting in line in the cold, just to watch the last available "door buster" walk out before you can get your hands on it, pains me deeply. I'd rather think of you sitting in a comfy spot in your home, wearing cozy socks and elastic waist pants, snuggling with your Uppercase Living catalog or browsing my website, relaxing while you shop. 

Of course, I'm offering post-Thanksgiving specials too. Before I get to them, here are the rules: 
  1. There will be no discounts on products ordered early. So don't wake up at the crack of dawn thinking you're getting ahead of everyone.
  2. Quantities are not limited. Get as much as you want, and then tell your friends and they can get as much as they want too.
  3. Discounts and promotions are not valid on website orders. You must call or email me.
  4. Only the promotion at the time of your call or email is valid at that time. However, you can plan ahead and order at more than one time.
  5. Discounts do not apply to current party or Open House orders.
  6. There will be no hitting, running, fighting, or grabbing items out of the hands of aggressive shoppers.
I have several specials available all day as well as some that are only available at a certain time:

11 - noon          10% off all accessories
noon-1              10% off any Erasables (dry erase or chalkboard) items
1-2                   FREE 3" embellishment with any set of coasters
2-4                   10% off any item from the Holiday Mini Catalog
4-5                   10% off any Photo Print
          5-6                   10% off any Decorative Print
          6-7                   10% off any specialty vinyl (Etched Glass or Shimmer colors) expression
          7-8                   10% off any Custom expression

All day specials:
  • Purchase the Build A Snowman Activity Set and get a FREE monogram for your snowman's hat!
  • Purchase the Christmas Countdown Kit and receive 10% off any Valentine's Day expression to put on the back of your punched metal tile
  • Receive $20 in FREE product and one item at half price when your order reaches $200
  • Receive a FREE monthly bonus expression when your order reaches $50, two when it reaches $75 and 3 at $100
  • All orders will receive FREE the Welcome expression in the photo. 

The Welcome is a FREE Gift from Uppercase Living. It's a big 28" expression that comes in Antique Bronze, one of my favorite UL colors. You can use it in your entry, family room, kitchen or even your front door! The FREE gift IS available on website orders, so if you don't wish to take advantage of any of the above specials, you can go ahead and place your order directly on my website.

Enjoy browsing and shopping and your FREE expression. And enjoy the Any Color But Black Friday Sale in the comfort of your pajamas. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Decorate With Images Of Those You Love

Can you think of a more beautiful way to decorate your home with custom artwork? This design, created by a fellow Uppercase Living demonstrator and mom of 5 girls, is the perfect example of how our Photo Prints can bring your photos to life. Actually, larger than life. Five great close ups, simple but powerful words, and look at what she created!
What's wonderful about Photo Prints is how affordable they are! These 2x2 foot prints are only $29.95 each! Imagine the gift you can create with photos of loved ones, or the how much you'd love a wall like this in your own home. All you need to do to get started is upload a photo to my website, and that's the hard part! I'm happy to help you ever step of the way. Bring your photos to life this holiday season with Uppercase Living Photo Prints!

P.S. Check back tomorrow night for details of the 2nd Annual Any Color But Black Friday sale!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Tin Sets: Perfect for Gifts, Favors and Rudolph

So many times during the holidays, we need to give a gift to a large group of people. Other times, holiday events call for guest favors. In both instances, we'd like to give something heartfelt, unique and thoughtful. But when purchasing multiple gifts at once, it's also important to watch costs. Naturally, Uppercase Living has a solution that will suit your taste, wow your guests (or anyone lucky enough to receive one of these cuties), and meet your budget.

Our Gift Tin Kits are the perfect many-gifts-in-one. Each set has 4 tins, 4 vinyl decorations in your choice of design and color, and 4 gift bags. Even the ribbon is included! You can fill these with anything from candy to jewelry and make the packaging a special part of the gift. For those of you who need affordable business gifts, this is a great solution. It's also a nice way to recognize several people in one business establishment, yet give each person and individual present. The variety of designs available makes it easy to choose one that will suit your event, recipient or mood! They would make great favors for weddings or showers this time of year and can easily be customized to match the event's colors. These are so cute that you might just want to purchase several sets to keep on hand for different occasions throughout the year. 
One great idea to fill these tins is Reindeer Feed! Of course, you never forget to leave out cookies for Santa, but those reindeer get tired and hungry from their long flight, too! Mix up the following in as many batches as you need:

3/4 c. uncooked oatmeal
3/4 c. sugar (can also use bird seed or shredded wheat cereal)
1/4 c. red or green decorative sugar crystals (more kind to our animal friends than the traditional glitter)

Print out the following on decorative paper and attach it with your gift:

      Santa's reindeer, on their magical flight,
      Travel thousands of miles, all in one night.
      A sparkly snack sprinkled over your lawn
      Will be just the treat for them to munch upon.
      With full and happy tummies, they'll soon be on their way
      To help Santa deliver the toys in time for Christmas Day.

You just might find that this becomes a new holiday tradition for your family.

Holiday Gift Tip: Pair a tin of Reindeer Feed with a "Cookies For Santa" charger set for an inexpensive and merry holiday gift set. 

Money Saving Kit: To save even more, recycle baby food jars to fill with reindeer feed. Add a reindeer or other themed embellishment, cover the lid with wrapping paper and add a cute ribbon!    

Hostess With the Bonus - Day 7

It's time. The last day of Hostess With the Bonus. I dragged out the "week" a little, to give as many people as possible the chance to earn a FREE BONUS GIFT when they schedule an Uppercase Living party with me for November, December, or January.

Today's bonus is the Punched Metal Tile in Berry. You can choose whether you'd like the 8x8 or 12x12 size. I chose red because it's perfect to use now for the holiday season. But after New Year's, you can put a heart embellishment or other sweet expression on it and use it through Valentine's Day. Speaking of Valentine's Day, customers and hostesses with qualifying orders/parties in December and January can choose Valentine's designs for their FREE gifts. There are lots of cute ideas, some of which I'll be posting some here soon. To see the full Monthly Special Sheets for November, December, and January, just visit my Facebook page.

There you have it, a full week's worth of FREE gifts for my awesome hostesses. I appreciate you all so much. It's wonderful to be able to work with such lovely ladies, and I'm looking forward to all the parties that have been scheduled during this special promotion. To add yours to my calendar, just contact me today and start thinking about which of your FREE hostess gifts you'll put on your gorgeous new red tile.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hostess With the Bonus: Day 6

I took the weekend off from Hostess With the Bonus, mainly because my family was in the middle of Soccer madness. Soccer season may be coming to an end, but Bonus gifts for hostesses continue!Today's Bonus is our very popular acrylic block. This lightweight accessory is perfect for decorating on both sides to make it do double duty. You can fill it or leave it empty, or even add a light to the inside. There are so many ways to use this fantastic accessory. You'll probably want more than one. But your first one is on me when you contact me today to schedule your in-person or online party for November, December or January.

Here's a look at the block complete with a 2-part holiday expression and a ribbon. I love the idea of leaving this particular block out during the entire holiday season and encouraging your family and guests to drop some change in. Then, after Christmas, you can donate the contents to a local charity and prolong the giving spirit of the season. How will you use your FREE Hostess Bonus?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bonuses Continue....This Time For New Demonstrators!

If you've ever considered joining Uppercase Living, this weekend might be the perfect time! As we welcome the fabulous Uppercase Living Road Trip (just another way our great company supports us Demonstrators...when we can't go to them, they come to us!) to our area this weekend, you can take advantage of a Road Trip Special available only for those people who sign up and join my team by Tuesday morning.

When you sign up for Uppercase Living, you get a Starter Kit filled with everything you need to get off to a great start with your new business. In addition to business supplies, catalogs, samples, and more, you also receive a credit that you can use on anything you want for yourself or to display. With this weekend's special bonus offer, you'll receive an extra $50 in Uppercase Living product that you choose! This fabulous deal essentially makes it possible to begin your Uppercase Living business for only $25!

There are lots of reasons to join my Uppercase Living team: from the opportunity to help your family financially, to being able to earn fabulous trips and incentives, to having the chance to share our fantastic products with people who may not even know they exist. Remember your excitement the first time you saw one of my catalogs or visited my website? Now imagine being able to share that same excitement while you help your friends and customers decorate their homes in a totally new and unique way.

It's not often that you get the opportunity to do something this great with such a small investment. This weekend, you have the opportunity. Grab it before it's gone by going to my website and clicking on Join My Team. Follow the steps and get ready for a great journey with lots of fun, support, and countless benefits in store for you!

Hostess With the Bonus: Day 5

Good morning! We're at Day 5 and I love today's Hostess Bonus. If you contact me and schedule a November, December, or January party today, you will receive an exclusive set of 20 mini words. These are not available to purchase. The only way to get them is by hosting or attending a show. At my recent holiday Open House, this was the most popular raffle prize, and it's not hard to see why. Look at all of the different things you can do with a great little set like this.

 From votives, to candles, to vases and frames, there is almost nothing that won't look better with the addition of one of our mini-words. Whether you visit your local dollar store or look through your own odds and ends, you'll be thrilled with how one little word can dress up something plain to make it into the perfect decor item, party favor or gift. Your assortment will include a large variety of words in a number of colors, as well as some shimmer colors.

Go for it and schedule your in-home, catalog or online party today and your mini word sampler will be on its way to you! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hostess With the Bonus: Day 4

We're more than halfway through the Hostess With the Bonus giveaway week and I'm really enjoying treating my hostesses to even more FREE gifts than ever. Of course, you didn't think I'd get through the week without featuring our most affordable and versatile accessory, did you? Today's bonus is a pack of our glass coasters. I love love love these, either for yourself or for gifts. They can be changed up in so many different and inexpensive ways. And it's easy to create 4 individual gifts with just one pack. Whatever someone's hobby, passion, or obsession is, you can create a coaster that will be perfect. From photo coasters for family, to monogrammed ones for your elegant friend, golf themed ones for male business associates, and a coffee theme for your girlfriend who has a serious caffeine habit, these are just crying out to be personalized.
Get a set FREE just for scheduling a home or online party with me in November, December or January. Contact me today to get this particular bonus, then think about what you're going to put on your set.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hostes With The Bonus: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my Hostess With The Bonus giveaway week! As you know by now, each day this week, I'm giving a different bonus gift to anyone who schedules a party with me for November, December or January. Today's bonus is a pack of our brand new note cards. Each set includes 8 cards and vinyl expressions for you to decorate them with. This is such a cute gift for anyone who loves to stay in touch with personal notes. It's also great for those who like to make cards, but don't want to go through the trouble of gathering a lot of supplies or spending too much time on each card. The photo here shows our holiday card selection, but you can also choose from our everyday designs. You get to choose which set you'd like when you contact me to confirm your party today. The hardest part will be picking which one you'd like and whether you can part with it when it arrives!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Gifts for November Hostesses and Customers!

Just as I was feeling pretty clever about my Hostess With the Bonus giveaway, Uppercase Living one-upped me with two very cool offers for Hostesses and Customers. Starting today, through November 23rd, every customer who places an order of $40 or more will receive a FREE Holiday Expressions Assortment!!

Over 50 holiday themed words and designs in Soft Silver will help you create cards, ornaments, frames, gifts and so much more this holiday season. Hooray for free!

Hostesses whose guest orders reach $200 will also receive this 11 x 11 sheet of expressions, a $16.95 value, absolutely free.

Speaking of hostesses, there's one more bonus for them: when a party reaches $400 in guest orders, the hostess rewards will automatically bump up a level, giving the hostess even more free and half price items than she would normally earn.

There are so many bonuses flying around that I can hardly keep track. The bottom line is this: spend $40, get some free goodies. Host a party, get lots of free goodies. The Hostess With the Bonus becomes the Hostess with the Bonus, the Other Bonus and Some More Bonus. Well-played, UL, but the whole thing was my idea first!

Hostess With the Bonus Giveaway: Day 2

Today's bonus gift for everyone who schedules a party with me today is this awesome winter sampler sheet. There's plenty here to decorate mugs, cards, cell phones, frames, votives and more. It would also be great to use on a set of our coasters. You can add a little holiday cheer to lots of different items with this great 10x10 set, a $12.95 value. All you have to do is contact me today to schedule your Uppercase Living party for November (limited dates left), December or January, and this cute set will be yours in addition to all of the great incentives you would usually get as a hostess.

As an extra bonus, hostesses who close their parties by November 30 will get a big extra bonus that was just announced and so will their guests. But you'll just have to wait for my next post to ready about it! To schedule your party and receive today's bonus, contact me today!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Here we are, Day 1 of my Hostess With The Bonus week. Anyone who schedules a party with me today will receive our exclusive, limited time only, Cookies For Santa Charger Kit with her qualifying party order. This $25 value can be yours FREE, along with all the other benefits of hosting an Uppercase Living party.

Each day this week, I'll be giving a different FREE BONUS GIFT to anyone who schedules a party in November, December, or January. If this is the bonus you'd like, you'll probably want to have your party in November or December, so Santa can have his cookies on this cute charger when he comes to visit on December 25. Contact me today, to confirm your party date and reserve your Cookies With Santa kit.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

50 and Counting!

Thanks to one of my lovely friends on Facebook, I know that there are now 50 days left until Christmas. For us adults, that translates to "Holy cow, only 50 days? How will I ever get everything done?" But if you're a kid, those 50 days may as well be 500. My kids have been asking how many days since the end of summer! 
Our adorable Christmas Countdown Kit answers the question in very cute style! Available for a limited time, the kit includes our 12x12 punched metal tile in Berry Red (for those of you who haven't seen it, it's such a pretty shade of red), a two party expression in your choice of colors, the Chalk Wall piece for the countdown, and the exclusive Black Easel that's only available in this kit. With all those pieces included, it's a fabulous value at just $32.95.  

The fun thing about the kit is that you can start counting down anytime. I know there are those of you who just might start counting the days until next Christmas right around New Year's!

Countdown Tip: If you look closely in the photo, the expression has been placed slightly off center. The expression is designed this way for added interest. If you prefer to have yours perfectly centered, position the present first, then cut the 2nd part in two pieces, placing the bow and the words separately.

Bonus Tip: Order a coordinating Valentine's Day expression to go on the back of your Red Tile and let it do double duty! You'll be ready for Valentine's Day as soon as your Christmas Decorations are put away!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hostess With the Bonus Promotion Starts Monday!

Hopefully, you already know that anyone who hosts a qualifying Uppercase Living party, either in person or online, earns FREE and half price products of her choice. If not, I'm not doing a very good job of informing you, am I?

You might not know that all of my hostesses also receive a "Thank You" gift from me to show my appreciation for their time and allowing me to come into their homes and present our great products. Sometimes the hostess gets to choose her gift and sometimes I choose, but I always pick things that I'd want in my own home. So if you're thinking of hosting, look forward to an extra gift from me!

Because we're thinking about the holidays, and I'm feeling extra grateful for my wonderful hostesses, I'm having a Hostess With the Bonus promotion next week and giving out even more gifts to everyone who hosts and online or in-person party. Each day starting Monday, I'll post a different bonus gift for anyone who schedules her party that day only. The bonuses are mostly in the $15-$20 value range, if not more! All you have to do is check here or my Facebook page each day to find out what that day's BONUS is. When you see one you like, just contact me to schedule your party and you'll receive your gift when you have it! Easy!

BUT, if you just hate suspense and surprises, and want to know what all the BONUS gifts are before you choose, just reserve your party date before Monday and you'll get to pick from all of the week's prizes. You'll also get first dibs on available party dates during the busy months of November and December. You can even choose a date in January and still get the BONUS!

Keep in mind that our deadline for guaranteed delivery by Christmas is December 6. So don't wait too long to have your party if you think your guests will want to order holiday gifts. Perhaps you can host a craft or project party where your friends can work on holiday gifts. Maybe you'd like to schedule a "Girls' Night" in later in December where your friends can escape from the hectic pace of the holidays and choose things to make their home beautiful year round. We can even have a game where the word "Christmas" is forbidden. The last person who avoids saying it would get a prize! Then again, if you'd like to have a casual get together for your friends to reconnect after Winter Break, schedule your party for January. Either way, you'll get a BONUS!

If you're not located near me, or your guests aren't located near you, it's no problem. You can still participate and have an online party. Your guests can order on my website and their items will be shipped to them directly. You'll still get the credit for their purchases!

All you have to do is decide if you want to find out the BONUS gifts one at a time or if you want to choose. Then contact me with your preferred date and let me know if your party will be online or in-person. I'll make sure you get your BONUS along with all of the other great things you get just for hosting. I'm definitely looking forward to all of your parties and being able to give away so many great things. Who's going to be first to get hers?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NEW! Exclusive "Cookies for Santa" Charger Kit

Here's another holiday surprise from Uppercase Living! Just released is the new "Cookies for Santa" charger kit, available only until our limited supply runs out. Each kit comes with your choice of a Round
Scalloped Charger or a Square Charger and the adorable 10" x 10" "Cookies for Santa" vinyl expression in Crimson Red. Both of these kits are valued at over $25 but are available now for just $9.95 for the Round Charger Kit and $11.95 for the Square Charger Kit.

Keep in mind that these completed kits are to be gently hand washed. No dishwasher or submersion in soapy water, please.

At this price, you can afford to check off lots of people on your gift list. Think neighbors, teachers, or the perfect hostess gift. To order, visit my website and choose item #700076 for the Scalloped Charger or #700077 for the Square charger. There is no other purchase necessary and no limit on how many you can purchase. Judging by the  response to our last holiday kit, I do expect these to sell out quickly, so please don't wait too long to order yours. I'll be placing an order tomorrow evening for local delivery; add yours and save on Shipping!

I'd love to hear what you think of this cute kit, so leave me a message and let me know, and don't forget to tell me how you plan to use it: for yourself or as a gift.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gratitude Tree: A Beautiful Reminder for Thanksgiving and Year-Round

 By far my favorite item in our Holiday Mini Celebrations Catalog is our Gratitude Tree with dry-erase leaves. I do love everything in the catalog, and the holiday products in our main catalogs, but I find this one particularly meaningful, and so does my family.

The Gratitude Tree entered our home in late September when I got my first shipment from the Holiday Mini. My (thankfully tall) husband helped me put it up and my daughter started putting the dry erase pieces on the leaves. We decorated our tree exactly the way we wanted, with several leaves falling as if a strong wind had shaken them loose. I pulled out my set of dry-erase pens and immediately wrote all 3 kids' names on some leaves. Then I told my family it was their turn to start filling more leaves with things they're thankful for.

I was instantly touched and surprised at their responses. I expected answers like "M&Ms" and "ice cream." But I loved hearing them come up with "my family," "school," and even "God."

I loved the insights I got into my kids' minds, and knowing that they don't take for granted some of the things that are so important in our family. Even my husband, who's not always the biggest fan of "stickers on the wall," is really enjoying this special item.

One of the best things about Uppercase Living is the ability to completely personalize your home. The Gratitude Tree not only adds personalization to your home, I think it also adds meaning. I can definitely see this item being a year-round addition to a kitchen or family room. Of course, it's just the thing for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, I suggest displaying this tree prominently either in your entry, kitchen or dining room and having the dry-erase pens handy for your guests to write down what they are thankful for. And if you're going to be a guest for Thanksgiving, consider taking this for your hostess. For the price of a nice bottle of wine, you can take a meaningful gift that will be a conversation starter this year and a reminder of your thoughtfulness for years to come. Don't wait to order this exceptional Uppercase Living product. It's only available for a limited time, and you'll want to start enjoying it as soon as possible.

Uppercase Living Tip: After you complete filling out your Gratitude Tree, take a photo. You'll love going back after a few years and watching how your family's thoughts and the things they are thankful for will change.


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