Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Great News for Canadian Customers, Hostesses and Demonstrators

It's all good news from Uppercase Living for those of you north of the border. Responding to requests from our Canadian demonstrators, UL recently revamped our production and shipping process for orders headed to Canada. This has resulted in faster shipping times across the board, not just for Canadian orders but for those in the States as well.

What's more, our demonstrators in Canada have been doing a fantastic job getting the word out about UL. But there's so much more room for growth! Uppercase Living is only a five year old company and has been doing business in Canada for far less than that. Imagine the tremendous opportunity that's waiting for anyone who wants to grab it and create unlimited success!

This month's FREE SHIPPING special makes it a particularly good time to place your UL order. Not only will you benefit from the faster shipping times, but you won't spend a cent on shipping. And if you'd like to be among those successful Canadian demonstrators who are representing Uppercase Living, earning an extra income and having a lot of fun to boot, consider joining my team and getting your new business off the ground. There's so much more great news to come from Uppercase Living. You won't regret taking advantage of our great opportunity, but you might regret letting it get away. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tips & Tricks for Specialty Vinyl

One of the things that sets Uppercase Living far above our competition is our large variety of color choices. Our expressions come in 39 colors of matte interior vinyl, many of them exclusive to our company. But our matte vinyl is just the beginning of our color story. We also offer several types of specialty colors and finishes. Here are some descriptions and tips for each type to help you make an informed choice next time you place an order:

METALLIC VINYL - Just like our matte interior vinyl, the color of our metallic vinyl goes all the way through. It is applied the same and "behaves" the same. There is no additional charge for metallic colors.

SHIMMER VINYL - Shimmer Vinyl has separate color and shimmer layers. It is not the same color all the way through and therefore cannot be manufactured in a mirror image. Shimmer Vinyl is a little more delicate than our standard matte vinyl and requires a bit of a gentle touch; it is easier to accidentally stretch out during installation, so be careful pulling off the transfer tape. There is an additional charge for Shimmer Vinyl.

ETCHED GLASS - Our Etched Glass color has been consistently popular since it was introduced. It has a stronger bond than our standard matte vinyl and is therefore not recommended for painted surfaces. We do recommend using Mistick wet application solution for applying Etched Glass (and all our vinyl) to glass and other nonporous surfaces.  An additional charge applies to Etched Glass expressions.

Etched Glass embellishments applied to drinking glasses.

PREMIUM BOND - This is the unsung hero of our color palette. Premium Bond vinyl is intended to withstand most weather conditions, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use (think mailboxes, store windows, and signs). It is considered a permanent addition and definitely not intended for painted surfaces. The stronger adhesive will likely take some paint with it when it is removed. However, you might just decide to use it on one of our Foundations pieces because of its glossy finish. There is no additional charge for Premium Bond.

Of course, I am always available to help you choose just the right type of vinyl for your project. Don't hesitate to contact me to brainstorm how using Uppercase Living specialty vinyl can help your vision come to life.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Canada Update - A Year Later

It's been just over a year since Uppercase Living expanded north into Canada, so I thought it might a good time for an update on how it's been going. The news is great!
  • Not only did Canadian sign-ups outpace American when the opportunity became available, we now have Canadian demonstrators promoting as high as Director with several who have Senior Director in their sights. 
  • As all Canadian orders are calculated in U.S. dollars, the current exchange rate favors Canadians. What a deal!
  • Our current FREE SHIPPING special saves Canadian customers even more money than Americans. If you're in Canada, don't miss out on this great deal! 
  • There is virtually an entire country's worth of opportunity available for anyone who joins Uppercase Living right now. But unlike the beginning of our Canadian business, there are also successful demonstrators there who can share knowledge, information and support to anyone starting out. 
For anyone in Canada who joins my team now, it really is the best of all worlds: a great product, with very little competition; free shipping for customers; amazing upline and corporate support; untapped opportunity and a great deal on the Business Builders Starter Kit. To learn more about how you can join this fabulous company and get your business off the ground whether in the U.S. or Canada, contact me now. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Shipping!!

Another month and another great special from Uppercase Living. This month, all customer orders will come with FREE SHIPPING! For those of you who order on my website, this is a minimum savings of $7.95.  The savings are even greater for my customers and hostesses in Canada. In fact, Canadians, this is the best time yet to host an online party to get free shipping for your guests and free product for yourselves. There's no promotion code to remember; the savings are applied automatically.

Add to that our hostess special of at least $70 in FREE product and 2 half price items and you have a great month in the making. I have plenty of available party dates and can also do online parties anywhere in the country. So get out your calendar and your wish list and let me help you get everything on it for FREE!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Project of the Month: A Double Duty Graduation Gift

Maybe it's because I'm a little wistful at the thought of my daughter graduating 5th grade and my son graduating preschool, but this month's project kind of calls out to me. I can see it used in so many different ways. As shown, it's a perfect personal gift or centerpiece for a graduation party. The colors can match school colors and you can change the name or leave it off altogether. But what's great about this design is that it's been applied to our Vintage Round Embossed Metal Charger so that it  doubles as a magnetic photo board, too. It's a great, lightweight graduation gift that can go to college or a new apartment and hold memories from Senior year (or Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, in the case of my son).
This same expression (or any of our other graduation expressions) can also be used with our Square Charger. Not only would it give a different look, but party guests can sign it with a permanent marker, such as a Sharpie, as a lasting keepsake for the guest of honor. 

June holds not only graduations but also Father's Day, and this idea would be also be a perfect gift for Dad or Grandpa. Magnets make it easy to change out photos so there's always a fresh batch of family pictures on display.  Or, if you choose the Square Charger, the kids can each write a message on it.

Of course, either of these designs would be a perfect teacher's gift. They can also be modified for bridal showers and weddings, two more of spring's big celebrations. However you modify these designs for your needs, keep in mind that all orders receive FREE SHIPPING this month. I'd love to help you create the ideal design for each of your spring occasions. Enjoy this month's project and share your ideas here too!

All About Argyle

Ever since the Preppies were taking over the world in the early 80s, I've loved argyle patterns (preferably in dove gray and baby pink, but that's just me). I find them classic and timeless but also contemporary and fun when the scale or colors are updated. All these years later, argyle is still a popular pattern in fashion and decorating. Its neat, linear pattern makes it a good choice for borders, but hand painting an argyle border requires stencils, two different size brushes, numerous steps, mess, clean up, a steady hand and a LOT of patience.

Luckily, there's an easier way. Uppercase Living borders are among our best kept secrets. Available in various sizes and all of our colors, our borders also come with registration marks to make lining them up for a seamless look foolproof. As you can see in the following photos, our 2-part argyle border can look tailored, bold, or fun and easily fit into any decor.
In this photo, the border is used to cover the seam where the two paint colors meet. Its dark tone ties in with the bedding and makes this an ideal look for either a masculine or feminine space.
In the photo above, the argyle colors also tie in with the bedding, but the pattern is placed a bit higher on a solid color wall. Not only does this draw the eye up, but it also fills a space where a headboard would be. The vibrant color makes a traditional pattern look fresh and contemporary.

Here, the argyle is in a larger scale and has been placed above the chair rail. Adding some black to this room grounds the color scheme and ties in with the chair. The size makes it a good choice for a bold kids' space.
However you decide to use it, you'll love the ease and simplicity of applying your argyle border. Think of all the money you'll save on paint, wallpaper, or redoing your drywall because you got so frustrated trying to get your lines straight that you punched a hole through it. 

Decorative Tip: Argyles aren't just for walls. Add them to accessories in the space to tie the wall border together with the rest of the room. You can put them on lamp shades, windows, frames, closet doors, mirrors and furniture. If you want to take your argyle with you, you can even put it on your laptop.

Installation Tip: The following video will teach you how to apply your border precisely and easily. View more helpful videos on a variety of topics on my website


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