Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good, Better, Best....Saving Money with a New 20% off Promotion

GOOD: Uppercase Living expressions, custom designs, accessories and a whole ton of great ideas for gift giving and decorating. Not to mention, a brand new catalog full of kits for spring occasions from Mother's Day and Father's Day to Graduation, Baby Showers and awesome ideas for Weddings!

BETTER: 20% off all orders of $50 or more starting tomorrow through May 19th. Woo hoo! All the good stuff at a great deal! Now it just got more affordable to get gifts for Dad and Grandpa, that Graduate, a Baby Shower, those 2 weddings this summer, and something for the kids' teachers too. You'll save so much money that you might decide to treat yourself to something for your own house.

EVEN BETTER: Up to 3 FREE EXPRESSIONS with your qualifying order.

BEST: Sharing the savings with friends by hosting your own UL party. They'll be thrilled to learn how to use these great products to decorate their homes and give as gifts. They'll love you for helping them save money as they do. And you'll earn FREE products just for hosting.

It doesn't get better than that.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grab a Drink and Snuggle Up With Your Computer

Love catalog shopping? Me too.
Hate piles of catalogs? Me too.
Hate the thought of those catalogs in landfills? Yeah, me too.

Just in time for Earth Day, Uppercase Living has added a fantastic feature to my website. You can now flip through all of our current catalogs right online. No matter that you misplaced your copy, or haven't called me for one of the new Spring Celebrations catalogs, or you gave your copy away to a friend who never returned it. Just go to my site and start flipping the pages. Call a friend and have her do the can discuss options, colors and help each other decorate. Nothing like a quick shopping trip from the comfort of your own couch.

Now, I know that the best part of this whole experience is that it's free (no more buying catalogs unless you want a hard copy) and it saves lots of trees. I get it. Al Gore and all that. But for me, the other best part is the page turning sound. I really am so easily amused. Do you love it too? Let me know by voting in my poll. Don't worry, all votes are anonymous so I won't know that you are as easily entertained as I am.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Make a Mom's Day

It just dawned on me that Mother's Day is about 3 weeks away and I have to get my act together to make my mom's day special. Too bad my sister and I are all grown up, because I have the perfect Mother's Day gift for any mom with young kids or a mommy-to-be (think baby showers).As all we moms know, our babies grow up way too quickly. Therefore, I love anything that helps us preserve those precious moments and memories of their childhood. A hand print does just that. Now that my own children are getting older (sniffle, sniffle) they love looking at how small their own hands and feet were when they were little.
The Little Prints Keepsake Kit comes with everything you need to create a permanent keepsake of a time when your baby's hand were still small enough to fit in yours. Everything is included: from a pre-painted board to paint, a paint brush and even ribbon for hanging. While you're on my website, check out all of the other great ideas for spring celebrating and gift-giving. And if you are the one with small ones, don't think you have to wait around for someone to pick this up for you. It won't be around for long, and the other thing moms know is that if we want something done, we have to do it ourselves.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Calling All Fund Raisers

Whether you're a team mom, cheer mom, dance mom or someone who is working to raise awareness and/or money for a cause, Uppercase Living's brand new fundraising program might be exactly what your group is looking for. You can now offer your team or group a personalized decal to place on cars, lockers, doors or anywhere else UL vinyl can go.

Whether you're trying to raise funds for a team trip, new uniforms or even medical research, this simple program will let your group members publicize the cause while earning money for your goal. All you need to do is choose your design, pick a color and decide how much you'd like to earn. While you get your group mobilized to order decals, I'll take care of the all the details on the UL side. Together we'll make your group's fundraising efforts a great success.

Note: you can view a list of the different colors of awareness ribbons and the causes they symbolize here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ribbit, Ribbit

My awesome friend Kim has turned me on to a brand new way to interact with all of you. The Blog Frog allows us all to discuss any of the posts here, brainstorm ideas for decorating or decor, ask questions and pick each others' brains. All in a community of friends. I love this idea. I often feel like my blog is such a one-way communication method. I'd love to get your feedback, ideas, critiques and more. For those of you who have your own blogs, I think you'll love this added dimension to your writing.

I think I'll be posting a giveaway for my Blog Frog community members to launch this great new tool. Keep your eyes peeled. To check out all the excitement, scroll down to the Community box on the right side bar and click. Then click around once you get to Blog Frog. You'll find so many cool blogs you never knew existed. While you're there, start or join a discussion. Let me know what you think. Whether it's here, email, phone, Facebook, or now, Blog Frog, I always love to hear from you.


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