Monday, May 31, 2010

Celebrating Dad (without going broke)

Dads love a good deal, don't they? They love to tell you about how they shopped around, did their research and finally negotiated a deal that the salesperson admitted he wouldn't even give his own relatives. As you think about how you'd like to honor the dads in your life on Father's Day this year, take a lesson and get yourself a great deal, too.

By know you should have seen my earlier post on these great kits. Each one comes with a painted Foundations piece, in this case the Metal Board and the 12x12 MDF board, which is already painted and ready to go. You choose the color of the expression, quickly put it together and give Dad a sweet and unique gift.

Now, during Summer Splash, these kits (and all the others in our Celebrations catalog) are 20% off!

If the dad you're shopping for is a golfer, here's the perfect expression for him.

Put this on the back of his car, on an office wall or in his Man Cave. Throw in a gift certificate for a couple rounds of golf and you've made his day. Search my website for more golf ideas.

If you're shopping for a dad who prefers fishing, here's a great choice:

This expression really brings to mind the peacefulness of spending a day fishing out in nature. This would be equally beautiful on the wall or on Dad's boat.

This is another great fishing expression that would look equally great on the wall or on a board for Dad. Coordinate the color of the expression with his boat, truck or cabin. Of course, you can always get Dad both of these expressions because they're now Buy One, Get One FREE!!

As usual, I've saved my favorite idea for last. This time it also happens to be the most affordable. Dad's favorite gadget, be it a laptop, iPad, Kindle or even a Nintendo DS, can be easily embellished with Uppercase Living. In this case, Dad's name is Own and he loves basketball. With Buy One, Get One FREE this whole design costs $6 or so! There are so many fonts and designs to choose from that you can find something perfect no matter what Dad's into.

Non-Father's Day Tip: Use UL lettering to put the kids' names on their hand held gaming devices to prevent endless rounds of "he's playing with miiiiiiiiiiiiiine."

As you make your choices for Father's Day gifts, don't forget Buy One, Get One FREE makes every purchase a great deal. Whether you tell Dad or not is up to you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show Off Your UL and Win Some Cash!!

Announcing a great new contest from Uppercase Living. The Show Off Your Space Video Contest gives you a chance to show the world how you've used UL products to decorate your space. The winners will get a combination of cash and/or UL products. I'm so excited to see all of the great ideas our customers will share. I've been in enough homes now to know that many of my own customers definitely have a shot to win this contest. View the rules here and go take that video, and definitely leave me a comment when you enter. I'll be sure to root for you the whole way!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Your Life A Little Easier

As you're probably aware, I am here to serve you, my loyal readers. Not only do I want you to find inspiration and ideas here, but I want you to enjoy the experience. But if you're too busy to come visit me, you can now subscribe to Please Use Your Words via email. Just follow the link in the sidebar and you're good to go. You'll never miss a post, a sale announcement or the latest Uppercase Living photos and ideas. And just like that, there's one less thing you need to remember to do each day.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a Summer FREE For All!

For weeks now, I've been anxiously waiting for details on one Uppercase Living's biggest promotions of the year: Summer Splash. Now that they've been unveiled, I couldn't be more excited. You guys are going to LOVE this year's deals. Just when I think our promotions can't get any more generous, UL completely surprises me with the extent of the bonuses and discounts. I don't know how they do it, but I'm sure glad to be part of it.

The theme for this year's Summer Splash is FREE FOR ALL because there's something free for everyone:

  • Customers - All vinyl expressions are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE during the Summer Splash period. I've never seen this from UL! This includes all catalog and website expressions, Decorative Prints and Grande Format expressions (you know, the big pricey ones). It even includes custom designs and Photo Prints. If that wasn't enough, all accessories are now 20% off and this includes kits in our Celebrations Mini Catalog! I was able to offer this special to guests at a party yesterday and they loved it!
  • Hostesses - I love spoiling my hostesses and showing them just how much I appreciate them, so I'm excited to offer them BONUS FREE PRODUCTS in addition to what they'll get just for hosting a qualifying party. Hostesses can earn up to $40 more in free product of their choice. What's more, the amount is calculated after their Double Up Rewards are added to their party total. I also have a new hostess bonus program in place that can help my hostesses earn unlimited extra hostess rewards. If your UL wish list is bigger than your budget, now is the time to cash in on Summer Splash and get as much free product as possible by hosting your party! This special also applies to catalog parties, so there's no reason not to host.
  • New Demonstrators - While I love the Buy One Get One FREE special for our customers, I think the most exciting part of Summer Splash is the incentive for any new demonstrators: Your $99 Essentials Starter Kit can be yours FREE after you submit a qualifying party order. So not only will you be able to start your new business by offering a fantastic Buy One Get One Free special to your customers, but you can get your business started for FREE! I am super excited to share this special with my new team members (and super jealous I couldn't take advantage of it when I first started with Uppercase Living!) and help them get off to a strong start and get the most from all of the great opportunities available to us right now.
So, now, the choice is yours. Will you stock up on free expressions or perhaps decorate a room or two, will you host a party to share the wealth with all of your friends and cash in on even more free items, or will you join my team and earn a FREE starter kit and so much more when you become a new Uppercase Living demonstrator. Whichever you decide, don't wait too long. Summer Splash will be over July 12 and my calendar will be sure to fill up quickly. I can't wait to share all of our wonderful Summer Splash deals with you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo Prints: The Ultimate Party Decor

When I tell my customers about Uppercase Living's Photo Prints, I find I generally get two types of responses. One set of customers instantly understand the possibilities and their minds start racing with different ideas and ways to use these uniquely personal products. The others think Photo Prints are really cool, but don't fully see how they'd use them in their own lives. Here are some photos that will hopefully appeal to both groups. Those who already love Photo Prints will probably use these examples as a starting point and begin planning how to add a Photo Print or two to their next celebration. And those who need to see them in action will see 4 great ideas and realize just one of the unique ways that Photo Prints can be used.

In each of these examples, custom lettering has been added to enhance the Photo Print.

Because the Photo Prints are reusable, they can be taken home from the party venue and reapplied to another surface.

A class picture turned into a large Photo Print is the perfect decor for this summer's class reunions.

My favorite of this bunch is this final one.

As our brave military members come home from wherever they may be serving, this Photo Print is a touching way to welcome them home. Perhaps even more important, the Print can be a constant reminder of their service while they're away from home. The perfect accent for a military theme Photo Print? A yellow vinyl ribbon, of course.


Today is the last day to shop our latest money saving promotion. Your $50 order will also earn you a free expression. Shop now on my site or contact me to order.

Friday, May 14, 2010

CReATE Studio Fun

Meet Jemma:

Jemma is a cool mom who believes that garages are completely wasted on cars and much better suited for providing a space to create art from the most unlikely materials. She's completely revamped hers, added a gorgeous tree (you can kind of see the twinkling lights in the photo above) that showcases many of the projects she's helped create, and completed the studio with shelf after shelf of art materials. What's more, she's opened up this amazing space, CReATE STUDIO, to the community. On a given day you might find preschoolers making a messy art project while school age kids work on school projects (Jemma has seen her share of California missions in miniature). Later a group of children come in for a fun birthday party, leaving just before several women arrive for a Ladies' Night. The sense of community is clear when you see her Wall of Wow: a giant photo wall with hundreds of pictures of the projects and clients of CReATE STUDIO.

Always keeping an eye to the environment, Jemma uses many recycled, repurposed and donated materials. However, the one medium she has yet to use for her creations is....vinyl! When Jemma and I talked at an Uppercase Living party not too long ago, she realized right away that our products can be a natural way to express yourself artistically and that our kits are perfect for an upcoming Ladies' Night.

So CReATE STUDIO is having an Uppercase Living party. I'll be there the afternoon of May 21 after 3 p.m. to introduce Uppercase Living to Jemma's clients, demonstrate our products, and guide a short craft project to get everyone familiar with how to apply our vinyl lettering. You might stop in to check out the UL, but you'll definitely get pulled in by all of the other fun ways you'll find to be creative in Jemma's awesome studio. If you aren't able to come the day of the demonstration, stop by during the week to work on a craft, check out the new mini catalog and enter the door prize drawing.

Usually my kids complain when I go away for UL demonstrations. This time, they can't wait because they are coming with me to play and create while I work. I hope you'll stop by and visit and get to know this great gem in our community. All the details are on the CReATE STUDIO website. If you just can't get there Friday afternoon, stop in during studio hours to check out the UL display, photos and catalogs. Don't be surprised if you plan to just stop by for a few minutes and find yourself there for much longer, involved in a special project. Jemma wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Projects for Father's Day

Now that Mother's Day has come and gone, we all have one thing on our mind (no, not how to return those ugly pajamas without the kids finding out): what to get dad, or our kids' dad for Father's Day. Hopefully, all you moms got spoiled on Mother's Day. Now it's time to repay the favor with something thoughtful,. personal, and because you have 43 kabillion other things to do, QUICK! Here are a couple of ideas that fit the bill:

Both of these projects are from our Spring Celebrations Mini Catalog and both come with everything included to complete the gifts. The "Best Dad Ever" kit is just $21.95 and would look so cute hanging in Dad's workshop.

My favorite kit for Father's Day is the "Memories of Dad" metal board. The gorgeous blue color sets of your choice of vinyl color beautifully. Best of all, it includes 3 magnets so that you can continually update the photos that it displays.

You can find more Father's Day ideas on my website by simply searching for Father or Dad on the product search page. Don't limit yourself just to those, though. If the dad you're shopping for has a favorite hobby or pastime, use that as your search term. You'll find ideas under "golf," "fishing," "grilling," and many more.

Perhaps the best idea isn't even one that you'll find in our wide range of products. Simply create the custom expression World's Greatest DAD in our MyDesign Suite and surprise dad by applying it to the back of his car before he gets up on Father's Day. Unlike yet another tie or pair of cuff links, that is one Father's Day gift he'll be proud to wear, day after day.

DON'T FORGET: All of these ideas and more are 20% off when your order reaches $50. This great deal goes away on May 19, so don't wait too long to order.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Customer Newsletter

Each month Uppercase Living gives me a great reason to get in touch with all of you and May is no different. This month I am excited to share the details of our newest promotion with you. As the weather starts to (finally) warm up and we look ahead to spring time celebrations and summer activities, our current sale will help you save while you freshen up your own decor and pick up some unique gifts. To save even more, schedule your own Uppercase Living party to share the great deals with some friends and earn free and half price products for yourself.

20% Savings Now!
Now through May 19, save 20% off any order of $50 or more! The savings are available on ALL purchases, including custom designs and all of the great limited-time items from our spring Celebrations catalog. Whether you purchase on my website, at a home party or contact me with your order, the savings are yours to enjoy. The deadline is coming up fast, so don't miss out.

Customers Love Celebrations Catalog
With ideas for everything you'll celebrate this Spring and beyond, our Celebrations mini-catalog showcases several popular items. Brides are rethinking their wedding decor to incorporate some of the gorgeous ideas it contains. Kids love the magnetic birthday countdown kit (and I have to admit, it's my favorite item in the catalog, too). It is great to select the colors of the lettering to match your decor, party theme or just your favorite combination.

What my busy customers love most is getting so many gift and decor purchases taken care of at once. With the 20% off promotion currently available, all of my customers are feeling really smart about the great deal they're getting on some really unique items.

Bonus Gifts for Hostesses
I'm so excited to share our spring mini catalog with as many people as possible that I'm offering a bonus incentive for the first 10 people who schedule their May and June home parties with me. Each of you will receive a free expression from my prize basket and an extra $10 in product in addition to all of your hostess benefits. You can call, email or contact me through Facebook. Those who contact me earlier will get the best selection of my available dates, so if you don't have a lot of flexibility with your party date, don't wait to schedule. Don't forget that the 20% off $50 purchases is only available through May 19th.

Customer Spotlight
This month I'm starting a new feature in my newsletter: I will showcase a client who uses Uppercase Living products in her/his home or business and tell you a little about the client. This month I'd like to introduce you to Joanne Marek. I met Joanne earlier this year at a UL party at her neighbor's home. She loved our products but was concerned about how the lettering would look on her wallpapered walls. I went over for a home consultation where we not only made sure that our expressions would adhere to her wallpaper, but also chose a color that would complement the pattern, rather than work against it. It's difficult to see in the photo below, but the Vintage Bordeaux expression picks up on the slightly red tones in the wallpaper design. Now that her expression is on the wall, Joanne loves it and is picking out what to get next.

In addition to being a busy mom and grandma, Joanne is a jeweler with Premiere Jewelry. She is available for home parties where her hostesses earn free items just for inviting friends over to shop for lovely, affordable jewelry. To find out more about Premiere Jewelry you can contact Joanne at

If you would like your home. business or celebration featured in a future issue, just send me photos of your Uppercase Living expressions. You just might find yourself the subject of this feature or a prominent post on my
blog. I can't wait to show you next month's showcase.

Best wishes going to the following ladies this month: Anne-Elaine G., Hilleri M., Mary E., Beverly B., Juliana G., Natalie T., Erin H., Nanci S., and Traci F. And extra special wishes for birthday girl Joy H. I hope you all have your very best birthday yet. To help celebrate, please take 10% off any item of your choice as my birthday present to you (this is in addition to any other discounts like the 20% off promotion!)
. Please give me your order directly so I can make sure to apply your Birthday Bonus. If you aren't on my birthday list and would like to be added, just send me an email with your birthday and you can enjoy your own Birthday Bonus discount!

The Other Stuff
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who would be interested in Uppercase Living products, hosting a party or becoming a Demonstrator. I can accommodate just about any location. If you would prefer not to receive these updates, please let me know. You can always contact me at this email address, by phone at 818-309-7768 or through my website: (there's no www).

Thanks as always for your continued business and support. Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms and grandmas out there!


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