Sunday, January 31, 2010

On Your Marks, Get Set, CANADA!

Oh Canada...the wait is almost over!

Starting tomorrow (or tonight, if you're planning on staying up until midnight MST) you can sign up to become among the first Uppercase Living demonstrators in all of Canada. You can read more about the process here, or jump right to my website and join up!

I have tons of information about this amazing opportunity, our great company and the fabulous products for anyone who's considering. Shoot me all of your questions and I'll be happy to answer each one. Won't you kick yourself if you look back in a few years and realize you missed out on a great thing?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Run for the Borders!

Long before I discovered Uppercase Living, I went through my fair share of decorating projects. Fifteen years, three houses, three kids and dozens of gallons of paint have seen me tackle everything from stenciling to installing moulding to removing a very stubborn wallpaper border while I muttered some descriptive suggestions for where the previous owners of our newly purchased home could insert their wallpaper glue.

There's no doubt that borders add so much to a room's decor. They can draw the eye up toward the ceiling or down to de-emphasize a too-tall space. They can pull together disparate elements to unify a room. Adding a sense of whimsy or formality, for example, a well-chosen border is the perfect touch to make a room look complete.

The new Uppercase Living catalog contains a whole section of borders that are easy to apply, come in all of our decor-friendly colors and can be put up end-to-end to fit any length. See how they complement the decor in the following rooms:

The border used in this formal dining room is the Urban Flourish. I love that rather than placing it predictably along the ceiling, the designer used it just above the wainscoting, where it doesn't compete with the elaborate crown moulding. Notice how the curves in the border mimic the curves of the light fixture.

In this monochromatic bathroom, the Loopy Line border is used just on one wall, between the bath tub and the window. In this otherwise traditional room, the border adds an unexpected whimsical touch. The main part of the two part design is white, which ties in to the tub, accessories and trim; while the second part is a darker shade of the blue used elsewhere in the bathroom.

The decor in this bedroom is structured and symmetrical, down to the perfectly centered pair of mirrors above the bed and matching lamps on the night stands. Enter the Curly Vine border to bring in organic shapes and curved lines to offset the straight slats of the prominently placed bed. The color matches the bedding perfectly and extends the soft shade up almost to the ceiling.

Applying our our borders is just as simple as applying any of our expressions. Registration marks included with the design help you match up each piece for a continuous effect with no gaps. Using the tips in the following short video will help you get the same custom look in minutes.

Seeing how easy these borders are to install and remove brings me back to all the time I spent peeling off that ugly old wallpaper border, piece by tiny piece. Knowing that these borders will never have anything to do with wallpaper glue and the future owners of my home cursing me behind my back makes me love them even more.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Two New Looks for Frameworks

Our Frameworks frames are among the most popular accessories. Since you can change out the inserts, they provide endless versatility. The clear acrylic inserts can be painted, backed with decorative paper or left as is to reveal the surface beneath. Our new catalog includes two items that make this well-loved product even customizable.

Due to lots of input from our customers, both of our Frameworks now come in white! Here you see it with a cute Easter expression but I think it's also a natural fit for weddings, showers and nurseries. To recreate this look, apply "Easter Love and Bunny Hugs" (15868) two-part expression in Cotton Candy (9029) and Lilac Bouquet (9025) to the white square Frameworks. Add the Dress-Up Mini Blooms to the front of the insert to add dimension to your frame.

Another great new addition to the Frameworks family is the new galvanized metal insert, which comes with magnets. Adding the insert makes this item even more functional, as you can see below. The insert has rounded edges for safe handling and is available for both the square and rectangle Frameworks. You can use it as is, apply an Uppercase Living or custom expression to it, or completely cover it with decorative paper as you see below.

To create this cute magnet board, apply the Kisses expression (300137) to the black square Frameworks. Add the galvanized metal insert and cover with 12x12 decorative paper. Adhere the pink Mini Blooms to the magnets provided with the insert. Add a pink ribbon and you have a perfect Valentine's Day present.

These are just a couple of ideas for this great product. I'd love it if you'd share yours with me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that the Holidays are over, it's nice to look ahead to the new year with the anticipation of all that's yet to come. Between the snow, ice and/or rain that we have all been dealing with, it's a little hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. My sense of anticipation for the new year has reached full-blown excitement with the release of our new catalog and a terrific Inspirations Incentive. Having just seen our fantastic new Decorative Prints in person, my mind is reeling with all the possibilities they provide to easily transform practically any space. That's not the only new idea you'll find in our latest catalog. From new formats to great rewards for customers and hostesses, there is lots of news this month.

NEW! Grande Format Expressions
So often my customers try to find a way to combine several small designs to fit a large space. Often this involves some guesswork, perhaps some cutting and repositioning, and an end result that still might not be of the scale required for the space. Our oversized Grande Format expressions solve this problem beautifully. Available in several designs in sizes up to 8 feet high, these are perfect for large walls, vaulted entryways and any space where you want a big impact. View all of the designs here, then visit this post on my blog to watch a short video on how to install these multi-part expressions. Make sure you watch until the very end; the end result is beautiful. While you're there, cast your vote in my poll about our new catalog items.

NEW! Decorative Prints
Our new full-color Decorative Prints are FANTASTIC! Printed in vibrant colors on thick, removable vinyl, these designs are great not just for decorating, but for party decor, business applications, classrooms and anywhere that can use a punch of color and style. The variety of designs, from whimsical to upscale to intricate, give you lots of options for your unique space. I love this "Fun with Fish" print because you can remove the fish over and over and replace them anywhere you want; what a fun choice for a playroom.

View the full range of Decorative Prints here.

So, What Else is New?
5 new regular line colors: Peach Sorbet, Pumpkin Spice, Cotton Candy, Dusty Blue, Lilac Bouquet
4 shimmer colors: Silver, Pink, Red, Blue
2 new 2-part Chalk Walls
2 new embossed metal accessories: a metal plaque in navy or crème and a round charger with a magnet
1 new color for our square Frameworks: White - gorgeous for wedding decor, gifts and mementos
1 new insert for Frameworks: galvanized metal with magnets; your favorite frame is now so much more!!

Plus dozens of new designs in every category. If you haven't seen our new catalog yet, your are in for a treat!

NEW! Kits
Our annual Inspirations Incentive is now underway and it includes something for everyone! All customers can get a great deal on our Inspiration Kits. For every $25 you order, you are eligible to purchase one of our exclusive Inspirations kits. Each kit includes a Foundations piece, 2 part expression in a pre-selected color scheme, and coordinating ribbon. One kit even includes our new 16" easel for display. Hostesses whose parties reach $400 in guest orders and close by Jan. 31 will receive a kit of their choice FREE!

Big Rewards for Hostesses
If you've purchased any products from me within the last 6 months, you're on your way to earning great benefits through our Inspirations Incentive. Just host a qualifying party that closes before Feb. 25 and UL will triple your purchase amount and add it to your party total up to $375! You've already earned the rewards, now it's time to enjoy the FREE and HALF PRICE items you will earn when you invite your friends over for a casual lettering and decorating party. Make it even more fun by making it a theme party: cookies and cocoa, wine and cheese, weekend brunch, chocolate lovers' or whatever you'd think would be fun for your friends. My available dates are quickly filling up, so if you'd like to take advantage of this great promotion, reserve your preferred party date now!

NEW! Opportunity
With this new year comes some great new opportunity from Uppercase Living. The most exciting is that we will soon be expanding into Canada!!!! I've already spoken to some ladies who will be among the first Canadian demonstrators for our company. I have information for anyone in Canada who'd like to purchase our products or become a new demonstrator. What an amazing opportunity to introduce our products to a whole new market. Incentives abound for this unique chance.

Here in the States, our Inspirations Incentive makes it even more affordable to become an Uppercase Living demonstrator. Our Essentials Plus kit, regularly priced at $199, is now available for just $129. It includes all the materials you'll need to introduce our innovative products to your friends and family. Plus, it includes a $100 Product Credit! Use the credit to decorate your own home or stock up on display items. This offer is only available for a few more weeks, so please contact me if you'd like more information.

Coming Soon: 2nd Annual Super Bowl Sale
It won't matter which side you're rooting for; everyone wins during my annual Super Bowl sale. I'll send out the details just before the big day and will offer specials and discounts throughout the game.

I Need New! Photos
I love featuring pictures of Uppercase Living products in my customers' homes on my blog. As often as I can, I take pictures during parties or when I help with installations. But I want MORE! So please send me your pictures and you just might see them posted prominently for all my readers to enjoy. Just email them to me at

If you'd like to have this monthly newsletter sent directly to your inbox, please send me an email or leave me a comment and let me know.

Monday, January 18, 2010

GO BIG! New Grande Format Expressions

If you've glanced through our new catalog, you've no doubt noticed one of our new product lines: Grande Format Expressions. So often, I'm asked to suggest an item for a large space, perhaps a room with vaulted ceilings or a tall wall. Other times, customers need larger designs to balance over-sized pieces of furniture. Then there are times when even our biggest sizes are still too small. As usual, Uppercase Living has presented an ideal solution with our large scale Grande Format designs.

Grande Format expressions are a brand new product line for Uppercase Living. Seven designs in varying shapes make it easy to find one that fits your particular need. To bring the eye up, there are gorgeous vertical designs. To fill a horizontal space there are classic and floral designs. There is even an intricate corner that can be mirrored to frame windows or make a large space feel cozier and better defined. All of these stunning designs are available in our complete range of colors.

Because Grande Format expressions are as tall as 8 feet (!), they can be more challenging to apply. Uppercase Living has even made that part easier by cutting each large design into smaller pieces. Each piece comes with numbered registration marks so you know which part to apply first. If you view the video above, you'll see that having a friend to help makes this quite a simple process.

Not surprisingly, Grande Format expressions are priced higher than our regular size ones. But the great news is that hostesses can earn them for FREE or Half Price by using their hostess benefits to purchase them. You can see the whole set of Grande Format expressions on my website here . Just click on Products and search for Grande Format.

Make sure you view the video all the way to the end. You'll love the WOW factor of the finished design.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uppercase Living is Coming to Canada

Uppercase Living announced such exciting news today: starting March 1, we will be expanding into Canada. Hooray!!!!!! I am thrilled to share this news with all of you. I've had so many requests to ship our products to Canada, which we have so far been unable to do. Others would like to host home parties and introduce their friends, family and neighbors to our ever-expanding product line.

What's most exciting about this announcement is the amazing opportunity it represents for our future Canadian demonstrators. Starting Feb. 1, we will begin enrolling new demonstrators in Canada. These lucky people will get the opportunity to open up a whole new country to Uppercase Living. With lots of support from our home office as well as their sponsoring demonstrators, they will be able to build businesses from the ground up, with virtually no competition either from other companies or nearby demonstrators. What a unique and potentially lucrative opportunity.

At our convention last summer, it was so interesting to hear stories from our first demonstrators. These women, who now boast teams numbering in the hundreds and enjoy thriving businesses, told us that their "catalog" was a one page photocopy of a small selection of expressions. Orders were driven to the owners' home for production and they drove back to pick them up when they were ready a couple weeks later. That is a far cry from our current full color catalogs, personal websites, and state of the art manufacturing facility. We have so much to offer our incoming Canadian demonstrators. They will benefit from our infrastructure, training and support. But they, too, will be pioneers. They will be the first to inform their customers about Uppercase Living's fabulous decorating products and share their ideas and vision while growing their businesses and helping untold others do the same. What an exciting challenge and opportunity for these lucky ladies (and gentlemen)!

The best news of all is that anyone in Canada who would like to become an Uppercase Living demonstrator can take advantage of our fabulous Inspirations Incentive and get her starter kit at the current promotional price. Enrollment begins February 1, which gives new demonstrators plenty of time to receive their kits and be ready to take orders on March 1. Uppercase Living will follow up with plenty of support, including in-country Road Trip stops in April. I am happy to help anyone who is interested in this unique opportunity. Simply contact me for more information on how I can help you bring Uppercase Living to your home, your friends and your country today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prepare to be Inspired: Spring/Summer 2010 Catalog and Inspirations Incentive are Here!!

After all the teases and sneak previews, you can start shopping from our brand new Spring/Summer catalog today! In a few hours, you'll be able to visit my website to view all of the great new products and ideas you've been waiting to see.

In addition to tons of new expressions and new colors, we have added a few foundations accessories: metal plaques and Frameworks in white! You won't believe the 2 part Chalk Walls. Plus the Grande Format designs and new Decorative Prints. In my opinion, those will be the show stopper in this selling period.

As if all that weren't enough, our annual Inspirations Incentive is back and better than ever. Whether you want to buy some items, host a party to earn free and half price products, or become an Uppercase Living demonstrator yourself, the Inspirations Incentive makes now a great time to get more, pay less, or both!

New Demonstrators
Have you been looking for a way to earn some extra money in the new year? Perhaps you need to pay off some holiday bills or want to save up for a summer vacation. Uppercase Living offers a great opportunity to set your own hours and make money sharing an exciting product that people love to hear about. The Inspiration Incentive gives you our Essentials Plus starter kit, usually priced at $199, for only $129. Not only do you save $70, but you also get a $100 product credit! You're basically getting everything you need to start your new business for only $29!!

You have a lot to gain when you host your own Uppercase Living party during the Inspirations Incentive. First, your Double Up rewards from previous purchases will become TRIPLE UP REWARDS. You'll add up to $375 to your guests' orders to determine your reward level. This is a great benefit and doesn't come around often. Also, if your January party reaches $400 in guest orders (before tax and shipping), you will receive one of our Spring Inspirations Kits absolutely FREE!

There's a treat in store for all of you who purchase our products during the Inspirations Incentive.
Each order of $25 will allow you to purchase one of our pre-designed Inspirations Kits.

Each kit is individually priced and includes everything you need to create a fun, seasonal project. The kit components and vinyl colors have been selected by our designers. Each includes a Foundations piece as well as a 2-color vinyl expression. At first I was worried that it would be difficult to pick just one, but you get to choose one for each $25 increment of your order, so no worries there!

The hostess and customer Inspirations incentives are in addition to our regular monthly incentives which you will still receive with your order. The only thing you'll need to decide is whether you'll place your own order, host a party or a catalog party, or join my team and get started on a fun and profitable new venture. Whatever you choose, you'll have lots of help and support from me.

Great deals, free items and big savings. Plus a whole new catalog full of great ideas and inspiration. This is shaping up to be a happy new year indeed.

Monday, January 4, 2010


If you've been putting off placing an order to take advantage of our 40% off sale and FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more, today's the last day to do it. Your order must be placed by 11 p.m. tonight. Over 200 of our current expressions are on sale and you can view them all by clicking the sale link on my website.

I've gone through the sale list myself at least 4 times and I'll place my order today, too. I can procrastinate with the best of them, but I know I'll kick myself tomorrow if I miss this opportunity. So, let's prevent all future kicking and all get our orders in today. OK?

Friday, January 1, 2010

More Sneak Peeks - New Catalog Launches in Just a Few Days!

Now that I have our new Spring/Summer catalog in my hands, I can hardly wait to show it to all of you. Anyone who schedules a January or February party can have hers ASAP. The rest of you will just have to wait until Wednesday when it goes live on my website. Don't worry, though. I wouldn't abandon you with nothing to drool over. Here are three projects, all with expressions from our upcoming FANTASTIC catalog:

Laundry room expressions continue to be popular and I'm sure this one will be, too. It is so cute here on a pre-drilled MDF board painted with our Hot Cocoa Toolbox Paint. Not only is this a smart laundry room solution (you know how I love items that do doubly duty), but it is extra cute with the craft mini-clothespins that have been added to it. Those of you who attend any of my parties in the coming months will get to see this one in person. I've got it on order and will display it on a painted MDF board.

Speaking of MDF boards, this one has been painted then decoupaged with decorative paper before having this fresh, new "Welcome" expression applied to it. The branch is just a subtle botanical accent that makes it perfect for welcoming spring.

Finally, here's another lovely, elegant way to celebrate spring, continuing the nature and botanical theme. The expression, in Robin's Egg, has been applied to our creme punched metal tile and then embellished with a gorgeous wide ribbon and our Chocolate Brown UL Bloom. When summer arrives, you can just change out the ribbon and use a different expression on the back.

The countdown is just a few short days until the entire catalog becomes available for viewing on my website. Of course, you can still get a copy before then by scheduling your January or February home show. You won't believe the hostess benefits that are being offered this season. Also, before the new catalog launches, our 40% and FREE SHIPPING offers will be going away. So shop a little now and a little more later.


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