Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A BIG GIFT for You to Celebrate UL's 5th Birthday!

Today is a Big Birthday for Uppercase Living. This great company is turning 5. Today, and throughout the year, you'll be seeing big things from UL, all centered around that number 5. Today's amazing special is for those of you who have ever given a thought to joining my team and becoming an Uppercase Living demonstrator (best job around!). 
Today only, you can get our regularly $99 Essentials Starter Kit for only $55!! This is a fantastic opportunity to join a young company that has only good things in its future. Your recently improved starter kit not only includes everything you need to get your business started, but a $25 product credit too! Whether you'd like to do this to share our generous discount with close family and for yourself, on a part time basis, just to get out and talk to some grown ups once in a while, or you're going to go for it, turn this into a big business and help your family's bottom line every month while you earn a fabulous exotic vacation every year, you won't see a better deal on the Starter Kit. 

I am personally committed to the success of each person who joins my team. I would absolutely LOVE to have you join and help you grow your business, loving every step as much as I do. My website contains a ton of information for you, including the details of our Business Opportunity. I am also available all day today to answer questions and help you take the first step on this fantastic journey. You can email me or call me at (818)309-7768.

When I joined Uppercase Living, I had 3 small children, including a toddler. It was NOT the right time for me to to be starting a new business. I jumped in anyway, knowing that I'd regret losing the chance to get started with this company at such an early stage. I haven't regretted that decision once! I love my "job" and I want you to have as much fun as I do.  Go to the Join My Team tab on my website and click on Join Now. I can't wait to say "Welcome to Uppercase Living!"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Customer Photos: Ashlyn's Nursery

I have always loved babies. I love them even more now that my own babies are getting so big. So I get pretty excited when a mom brings her baby to one of my parties. That's how I met Miss Ashlyn. She and her sweet Mommy, Charissa, attended an Uppercase Living party late last year. Ashlyn was a perfectly behaved guest. She napped quietly during the presentation, then woke up for a snack before treating us all to smiles and a peek at her gorgeous blue eyes.

Charissa looked through my catalog for something to decorate Ashlyn's room. Inspired by this design, the Moxie Butterfly, she considered several color combinations before settling on a Green Tea butterfly with Concord Grape lettering. Her choice fit perfectly in Ashlyn's butterfly theme nursery, but the sophisticated color combination is one that will serve Ashlyn even when she's a big girl.

Last week, I got to help Charissa install her new design (and get another visit with Ashlyn). The custom expression went on with no problems. True to form, Ashlyn woke up from a catnap halfway through our installation and once again cooed and smiled and giggled and gave me serious baby envy. Before I could run away with Ashlyn, my own 4 year old (who was a trouper and let me work while he played quietly - I'm so lucky I can bring him to work withe me) informed me that it was time to leave. So I bid Ashlyn a sad farewell, hopeful that I would see her and her Mommy at another Uppercase Living party soon. Before I left, I was able to snap a picture of Ashlyn with her newly decorated wall. As gorgeous as the expression is, the picture is so much better with Ashlyn in it! Enjoy your butterfly sweet Ashlyn!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Greet Spring With A FREE Expression!

What's better than Buy Two, Get One FREE? A FREE gift on top of it!  I'm thrilled to let you know about a one day only FREE Gift special. Every order placed Tuesday, January 18 will automatically receive this cute "springtime" expression in Electric Lime. It's perfectly sized to go on your front door or the back of your car. It will also fit on any of our 22" x 4" accessories for a fun seasonal display. Here are some other ways to use this FREE gift around your home this spring:

For a cute accessory that you can use year after year, you can cut the expression between the "g" and "t" and apply it to our Frameworks photo frame which has been spray painted white.This photo gives you such a great look at the sweet detail in every letter of this expression.
Create a cute "clip" board by adding your free expression to our Pre-Drilled MDF board (here shown painted with Lemon Chiffon Toolbox Paint). Add your choice of clips or hooks and you've got a great project!

This sweet wall hanging was created by cutting the free expression to our Metal Charger and accentuating it with some butterflies and a Mini Bloom. Hanging from our Daisy Medallion, it's another cute accessory that you'll be able to use year after year. You can even use the included magnet to turn it into a photo board.

The best part of this deal is not just that you get a free springtime expression with every order, but that our Buy Two, Get One FREE special also applies So get your orders placed Tuesday and enjoy the benefits of a great special and a sweet springtime deal.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Newsletter News

Have you noticed? As I promised last month, my newsletter is now coming to you in a brand new format. Hopefully you've received your first two editions and found them informative and easy to read. You will always find at least one photo to inspire you, news about products, events, and promotions, and a special box containing current specials and free monthly gifts.

As with any upgrade, this one also brings a few changes with it. One is that your Internet provider might be marking the newsletter as Spam and not delivering it to your inbox. If you haven't received the last couple of issues, you might want to check your Spam or Junk Mail folder, then mark the newsletter as "Not Spam" to make sure you get it promptly in the future.

Another change is that I will no longer be posting the entire newsletter here. Instead you'll find a link to the most current issue in the side bar. You will also find a link where you can subscribe to my newsletter and  have it delivered directly to your inbox. Of course, once you subscribe to my newsletter, you will also have the option to unsubscribe. One thing that remains the same is that I will never share your personal contact information with a third party.

I've made these changes with the aim of improving the service I provide to you, my valued clients. I hope you will contact me with your feedback on the new newsletter format and suggestions for what you'd like to see in future issues.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tackling Kids' Chores With Chalk Wall

When is a kitchen cabinet more than just a kitchen cabinet? When it does double duty to help a family stay on top of homework, chores and kids' behavior. 

Let me back up a little. At the beginning of the summer I happened a upon a scheme to reward my kids with stars for playing nicely, doing their chores, making good choices, and all those things I was constantly nagging them to do. Each morning, I posted a handwritten list of tasks on the refrigerator and they crossed each task off as it was completed. For this they received a star or two on my scribbled "star chart," also stuck to the fridge. 

All of a sudden, my nagging stopped. If they wanted to do something and their chores weren't finished, I pointed to the "Jobs List" with a sad look. They knew what they needed to do. And if they decided to misbehave, or fight or hit, or do one of the other things that erodes my patience, they might find their hard-earned stars disappearing with a flick of my eraser. The kids know that when they fill up their stars, they'll get a new toy or a special outing, and they can also use stars to "buy" certain privileges. Things like a special treat, extra screen time and sleep overs with each other can all be purchased with stars. Of course, if they wait too long to start their homework, they might also have to purchase a "Finish Homework After Dinner" pass.

Over the next few months, the star chart became a regular part of our days. I made sure not to overwhelm them with too many tasks or ones that were too difficult or time-consuming, keeping in mind each one's age, ability and attention span. They enjoyed crossing things off their list and watching the stars accumulate, and I realized that I had stumbled into a good tool. So I decided to make the "Star Chart" and the "Job List" a more prominent fixture in the kitchen, and get the scribbled lists off my refrigerator at the same time.
I turned, of course, to Uppercase Living Chalk Walls. Because my kitchen doesn't have a lot of wall space, I decided to use the unused space inside a cabinet door. This particular cabinet is large, and low enough to be accessible to my kids. I used one of our plain Chalk Wall Rectangles (a fantastic value at just $14.95, it's also available in Dry Erase) and cut it in half to get two narrow rectangles. Then I took on the fun task of jazzing up the plain chalkboard with fun lettering and embellishments. Using our MyDesign Suite, I chose a playful font and bright colors for the kids' names and the words "Do this....Now Go Play!" With our Chalk Pens, I can keep track of each child's stars (and easily erase them when unfortunate choices are made) and change out my list of tasks as often as I like. The ugly list is off my refrigerator and has been replaced by a fun and attractive addition to our kitchen (that hides as soon as I close the cabinet). Best of all, I've been able to significantly decrease the amount of nagging I had to do to get my kids to help out with chores. They've realized how quickly these tasks get done and love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a fully crossed-off list. Of course, they're kids and no system can change that. All of us have good days and bad days. But I'm happy to report that the good seem to outnumber the bad in this instance. Chalk one up for Mom!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't Blink Or You'll Miss These Amazing Specials!

Two great specials are going on right now and I can't decide which to tell you about first. Both are for a limited time, and both are sure to save you money. One you've already heard about, so I'll start with the one you haven't:

Our brand new exclusive Valentine's Tile Kit was introduced today. Available only while supplies last, it is a $20 value and includes the Berry 6"x6" tile, the "Be Mine" expression in Bright White or Cotton Candy and a coordinating ribbon. While the tile alone usually sells for $9.95, you can get the entire kit now for only $8.95! I love this for home decor, gifts, and even as a cute way to dress up an office. It would also be a perfect favor for a Valentine's party. What's even better is that you can even get this entire kit FREE! Just contact me before the kits sell out to schedule your Uppercase Living party and this kit will be my gift to you.

Speaking of FREE, our Buy Two, Get One FREE special is going on NOW! You can go a little crazy decorating with this great special: mix and match any trio of products and get the least expensive free. From Photo Prints, to Chalk Walls to your favorite accessories, and of course all of our catalog items and custom designs, you can save on everything! Make sure to order in groups of three, and always get the third free. The only thing you can't include is the Valentine's Tile Kit, because it's already so deeply discounted. This special is only good until January 31.

You can get the best of both deals when you schedule your own Uppercase Living party for January. Get the Valentine's Tile FREE and share the Buy Two, Get One FREE deal with all of your friends. Then, sit back and enjoy your FREE and half price hostess rewards. It's a Happy New Year, indeed.


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