Friday, February 5, 2010

Virtual Super Bowl Party = Shop and Save at Home!

Torreh's 2nd Annual Super Bowl Sunday Virtual Uppercase Living Party

Shop while you watch the game, take advantage of great deals and enter for chances to win!

Here's how it works:

Browse my website: or catalog and choose your items. Call me at (818)309-7768 or email me at during the game and take advantage of the following specials:

First Quarter: $2.50 Flat Rate shipping

Second Quarter: 10% off Decorative Prints

Halftime: 10% off Grande Format Expressions

Third Quarter: 10% off all custom designs

Fourth Quarter: 10% off any accessory

GAME LONG SPECIAL: 10% off all Inspirations Kits (qualifying order required)

Every call and email also gets you entered in a raffle drawing.

Earn tickets as follows:

Call or Email: 1 ticket

Purchase a Catalog: 2 tickets

Place an Order: 3 tickets

Refer a Friend: 2 tickets

First Person to Call at the Beginning of Each Quarter and Halftime: 1 ticket

Schedule your UL Party: 8 tickets

Schedule a time to discuss the UL Business Opportunity with me: 12 tickets!!!

Two winners will be chosen. One will receive a FREE Spring/Summer 2010 Catalog and the other will win a FREE 8" monogram. Anyone can participate, so forward this email to all your friends.

Additional Rules:

**Website orders will not receive incentives. Please call or email me to place your order.
**MyDesign custom expressions are included. Simply design your expression on my website and save it in a folder with your name.
**I will keep track of the time each quarter begins and ends. If you call and don't reach me, please leave a message so I have a record of your call. I may have to call you back to finalize your purchase. As long as I get a voice message or email within the appropriate time, you're good to go!

**All additional customer incentives are available for qualifying orders.

So start making your shopping list and picking your colors. Please call or email me with any questions and get ready to enjoy the game. See you at the line of scrimmage!!!!!

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