Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's Almost Time - Convention 2015 Preview

If it's July and we're all done celebrating my daughter's birthday, then there can only be one thing left to focus on: CONVENTION!

This is the time we come together to celebrate the year's achievements, recognize our leaders, hear exciting announcements, attend valuable training and see our brand new catalog. We also catch up with old and new friends, most of whom we only see once or twice a year at our national events. There will be a lot of cheering, hugging, and laughing. There will be much "OMG" and "Holy Cow" and "No Way," as well as some "Shut Up!" And there will be tears: happy ones as we celebrate each others' achievements after a year of very hard work; poignant ones as we hear stories of how our products have inspired customers; and sad ones as we remember dear friends who aren't there with us.

As our home office staff are hard at work on every last detail of our time in Indianapolis, this year's convention city, we demonstrators are busy planning card games, pedicures and after-hours outings. We will go home exhausted, but will make the most of every minute of our short time together.

I promise that serious work will also get done. Although security around convention announcements is very tight, we know there will be new products and projects. We'll leave with ideas to support our customers and teams, new tools and training to help us maximize our businesses and a game plan to help us reach our goals, large and small, over the coming year. Personally, I can't wait to hear about our next trip incentive. Now that I've earned this year's trip, a vacation in Cancun next month, I'm eager to start working toward the next one!

I've got a couple of things planned when I return. First, I can't wait to share the excitement of our convention announcements with my team, so I'll be holding a team meeting next weekend. Anyone who is curious about the UL business is invited to join us at the beginning for a short presentation and Q&A. I'll also do a new catalog release night at a local winery. I'll bring the catalogs and samples, and provide plenty of snacks and dessert for everyone. Friends are welcome! You'll find more details on both events in my next newsletter, so make sure to subscribe if you're not already. I'll post frequent updates on Facebook so check in frequently. Finally, I'm now scheduling August parties with our brand new catalog. Contact me to reserve your date and be among the first to see all of our beautiful new ideas.

A friend of mine posted the following on our Convention Facebook page today:

Many of you ladies I have met and I already know you are all fabULous. Many of you ladies I have not met...and I am so excited to do so. But...I have to say...the outpouring of friendliness & open arms I am seeing in these recent posts just warms my heart. Everyone is so eager to welcome every new girl, every seasoned girl, every nervous girl, every giddy girl (oh...and guys too...sorry). So eager to make sure everyone is included in all the extra fun that is part of our convention (and you thought you were in for presentations only...no way...notebook making, card playing, picture taking, personalized trainings, foot soaking...the list goes on. I am just so happy to have found this little niche of the universe to carry with me every day. You really are some of the kindest hearted people I have ever met! Safe travels to all of you and I look forward to all your smiling faces, warm hugs and lots of laughs! 

I can't wait to experience the warmth and excitement of convention. If you'd like to share this event and many more like it as a UL demonstrator, join me and we'll do it together next year! The first event to add to your calendar: Team Meeting Next Saturday.

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