Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspired by Erin: Marital Milestones

My friend Erin has an uncanny ability to translate emotions into vinyl. A true UL pro, she has a way to turn the simplest words into the most meaningful designs (don't tell her I steal a bunch of them). A devoted wife and mom of 5 beautiful daughters, it's not surprising that most of her designs are inspired by her family.

As you know, one of the many reasons I love Uppercase Living is that our products allow you to express what's unique, personal and meaningful to you. There are no "cookie cutter" designs; you create what you love. With her latest design, Erin has taken this concept to the next level and created an actual history of the important dates in her marriage. The words in the above expression had been swirling in her mind for some time. She knew she wanted to use them in her bedroom but wasn't sure how. She finally hit on the idea of listing the milestone dates in her relationship with her husband - the day they met, got engaged, their anniversary and their daughters' birthdays, among others - and using them as a background for the design. It really doesn't get any more special than something so personal. The dates make me think of a secret code that only two can solve. This expression, measuring over 50 inches, will be a focal point in Erin's master bedroom and serve as a reminder of all that she and her husband have been through together.

As a record of a couple's relationship, this is an amazing anniversary gift. But the concept can be used in so many other ways. For example, as a wedding gift it can list the couple's engagement date and wedding date with room for more and the expression,"The best is yet to come." In a child's room, dates made up of small numbers can go up the wall vertically, creating a growth chart punctuated by the dates the child started walking, talking, etc. Imagine the dates as a border, encircling a room and evoking memories each time you glance at them. Or create a smaller version on our Vintage Embossed Metal Board using the kids' birthdays as a backdrop for a special Mother's Day gift.

Looking back on our relationships, there are those days that stay in our memories with crystal-clear clarity. Erin's design gives them their proper place: front and center, paired with a few simple words that convey a lifetime's worth of emotion.

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