Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not For The Well-Behaved

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History

Think fast. Who does this expression remind you of? I can think of so many awesome women I know who broke the rules and were better off for it. These women may be brave, stubborn, loud, or a little rough around the edges. What they aren't is well behaved. Not content to smile and watch the world go by, they are passionate and jump into any task with fists flying.

Uppercase Living is celebrating these ladies with their latest special release. Available in any of our 50 colors, it's the perfect size (about 4" x 5") to put on a locker, laptop, mirror, frame or so may other places. The best part of this expression is the price: it's just $7.95 but it's eligible for our 20% April promotion and you can even use the $5 coupon you received if you made a purchase in February or March. There is no limit to how many you can order, but the 20% discount is only good this month. You can pair the expression with one of accessories to make a complete gift or accent for your own home or office. Here are some ideas:

  • Get one of these for your favorite rule-breaking friend. You know, the one who's just a little more bad-ass than the rest of the girls. 
  • Did your mom or grandma face some particularly difficult challenges in her life? Get this as a perfect Mother's Day gift to honor the ones who didn't behave well and made a different in your life. Order by April 25 to guarantee delivery by Mother's Day
  • Do you know a Mom who's dealing with a particularly feisty toddler daughter? Get this for her as a reminder that her stubborn baby girl may just grow up to be a successful, history-making rule breaker.
  • Send off those graduates with one of these great reminders. You can even choose the expression in one of their school colors. Put it on an acrylic block filled with quarters for laundry or a stash of emergency candy.
However you decide to design your gift, don't forget that all accessories are also 20% off this month when you use the code SPRINGFEVER.  However you choose to display these great little decals, you'll love having them and you'll love saving so much on them even more. If you've got a unique idea or special person in mind for one of these, I'd love to have you comment and let us know about it.

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