Monday, January 18, 2010

GO BIG! New Grande Format Expressions

If you've glanced through our new catalog, you've no doubt noticed one of our new product lines: Grande Format Expressions. So often, I'm asked to suggest an item for a large space, perhaps a room with vaulted ceilings or a tall wall. Other times, customers need larger designs to balance over-sized pieces of furniture. Then there are times when even our biggest sizes are still too small. As usual, Uppercase Living has presented an ideal solution with our large scale Grande Format designs.

Grande Format expressions are a brand new product line for Uppercase Living. Seven designs in varying shapes make it easy to find one that fits your particular need. To bring the eye up, there are gorgeous vertical designs. To fill a horizontal space there are classic and floral designs. There is even an intricate corner that can be mirrored to frame windows or make a large space feel cozier and better defined. All of these stunning designs are available in our complete range of colors.

Because Grande Format expressions are as tall as 8 feet (!), they can be more challenging to apply. Uppercase Living has even made that part easier by cutting each large design into smaller pieces. Each piece comes with numbered registration marks so you know which part to apply first. If you view the video above, you'll see that having a friend to help makes this quite a simple process.

Not surprisingly, Grande Format expressions are priced higher than our regular size ones. But the great news is that hostesses can earn them for FREE or Half Price by using their hostess benefits to purchase them. You can see the whole set of Grande Format expressions on my website here . Just click on Products and search for Grande Format.

Make sure you view the video all the way to the end. You'll love the WOW factor of the finished design.

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