Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uppercase Living is Coming to Canada

Uppercase Living announced such exciting news today: starting March 1, we will be expanding into Canada. Hooray!!!!!! I am thrilled to share this news with all of you. I've had so many requests to ship our products to Canada, which we have so far been unable to do. Others would like to host home parties and introduce their friends, family and neighbors to our ever-expanding product line.

What's most exciting about this announcement is the amazing opportunity it represents for our future Canadian demonstrators. Starting Feb. 1, we will begin enrolling new demonstrators in Canada. These lucky people will get the opportunity to open up a whole new country to Uppercase Living. With lots of support from our home office as well as their sponsoring demonstrators, they will be able to build businesses from the ground up, with virtually no competition either from other companies or nearby demonstrators. What a unique and potentially lucrative opportunity.

At our convention last summer, it was so interesting to hear stories from our first demonstrators. These women, who now boast teams numbering in the hundreds and enjoy thriving businesses, told us that their "catalog" was a one page photocopy of a small selection of expressions. Orders were driven to the owners' home for production and they drove back to pick them up when they were ready a couple weeks later. That is a far cry from our current full color catalogs, personal websites, and state of the art manufacturing facility. We have so much to offer our incoming Canadian demonstrators. They will benefit from our infrastructure, training and support. But they, too, will be pioneers. They will be the first to inform their customers about Uppercase Living's fabulous decorating products and share their ideas and vision while growing their businesses and helping untold others do the same. What an exciting challenge and opportunity for these lucky ladies (and gentlemen)!

The best news of all is that anyone in Canada who would like to become an Uppercase Living demonstrator can take advantage of our fabulous Inspirations Incentive and get her starter kit at the current promotional price. Enrollment begins February 1, which gives new demonstrators plenty of time to receive their kits and be ready to take orders on March 1. Uppercase Living will follow up with plenty of support, including in-country Road Trip stops in April. I am happy to help anyone who is interested in this unique opportunity. Simply contact me for more information on how I can help you bring Uppercase Living to your home, your friends and your country today.

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