Monday, January 25, 2010

Two New Looks for Frameworks

Our Frameworks frames are among the most popular accessories. Since you can change out the inserts, they provide endless versatility. The clear acrylic inserts can be painted, backed with decorative paper or left as is to reveal the surface beneath. Our new catalog includes two items that make this well-loved product even customizable.

Due to lots of input from our customers, both of our Frameworks now come in white! Here you see it with a cute Easter expression but I think it's also a natural fit for weddings, showers and nurseries. To recreate this look, apply "Easter Love and Bunny Hugs" (15868) two-part expression in Cotton Candy (9029) and Lilac Bouquet (9025) to the white square Frameworks. Add the Dress-Up Mini Blooms to the front of the insert to add dimension to your frame.

Another great new addition to the Frameworks family is the new galvanized metal insert, which comes with magnets. Adding the insert makes this item even more functional, as you can see below. The insert has rounded edges for safe handling and is available for both the square and rectangle Frameworks. You can use it as is, apply an Uppercase Living or custom expression to it, or completely cover it with decorative paper as you see below.

To create this cute magnet board, apply the Kisses expression (300137) to the black square Frameworks. Add the galvanized metal insert and cover with 12x12 decorative paper. Adhere the pink Mini Blooms to the magnets provided with the insert. Add a pink ribbon and you have a perfect Valentine's Day present.

These are just a couple of ideas for this great product. I'd love it if you'd share yours with me.

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