Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheap and Easy Gift Giving with Buy Two, Get One FREE

UL's Buy Two, Get One FREE promotion is in full swing and lots of smart customers have been saving a ton on their purchases. Whenever a great deal like this comes along, I always recommend that people stock up. For some of my customers this presents a mental block. With so much product to choose from, it can become difficult to choose items for the future without concrete details available. Never fear, though. I'm here to make the process easier.

Using this promotion to purchase several gifts at once, will not only save you plenty of money, but lots of time and stress, too. Just follow my simple steps and you'll be done in no time.

First, take a look at your calendar and make a list of all the occasions that you'll have to purchase gifts for in the next few months. In addition to specific dates and holidays, keep in mind milestone events such as retirements, graduations and the end of the school year. As you're doing this, make a list of each person who you'll need a gift for on each occasion. For example, under Mother's Day, you might have your mom, mother-in-law and grandmother.

Now, this is the part where you can save yourself a ton of time: figure out how many people you can give the same type of gift to, with a slight variation if needed. So for Mother's Day, you might choose a metal charger with a Mother's Day expression on it, but you would vary the color scheme to match each recipient's favorite colors or decor. Or for your children's teachers, you might choose to give a set of coasters with different monograms or a different embellishment depending on each teacher's interests.

From here you can begin to make your shopping list. Most likely, you will have a Foundations (accessory) piece and a vinyl expression (or a set of them) for each person. Here's the part where you realize just how much you can save: as you tally the number of items you will need, remind yourself that every third one is FREE. So, if you need 6 acrylic blocks, for example, you'll receive 2 FREE. And here is where you can really save. If you've done your homework and picked out enough items to reach $200 (not including the free items) you can submit your order as a party order, get even more free items and FREE SHIPPING.

Let's face it. Many of us find ourselves in a difficult financial situation right now. We're cutting corners where we can and that may include gift-giving. But there are certain people and occasions that we just can't and don't want to ignore. A little planning and smart shopping can let you stay within budget and give a thoughtful, personalized gift. If Costco could provide the perfect individualized hand made gift program, this is what it would be like: the perfect gift priced as low as $10-$15 apiece. If you're short of ideas, I've got plenty and they won't cost you a thing!

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