Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get Organized on the Cheap with Chalk Walls

So, it's mid-March, which means that you're probably beating yourself up about not keeping your New Year's resolutions. Or is that just me? If you're one of the gazillion people who has promised themselves that this is the year you will get organized once and for all, you are definitely not alone. I struggle with this, too, along with many of my friends. And judging by just how popular our Chalk Walls are, so do many of my customers. One of my most popular products, Chalk Walls are most commonly ordered for kids' rooms and kitchens. Not surprisingly, these are two of the rooms in the home that are most in need of organization.

Let's start with the kitchen. This is most families' gathering place and a prime location for an organizational tool to make everyone's lives a little easier. Whether it's a master calendar for the week's activities, a perpetual shopping list (like the one in the kitchen on the Brady Bunch!) or a central place to write down phone messages (no more lost Post-It notes!), a Chalk Walk in the kitchen just makes sense. Many kitchens simply do not have the wall space for artwork. But Chalk Walls come in a variety of sizes that are even narrow enough to go on a refrigerator. They can even be cut down to fit cabinet doors. A small piece on a dishwasher will eliminate the eternal question, "Are these dishes clean or dirty?" And a Chalk Wall on a lower cabinet gives a little one the perfect safe spot to be creative while Mommy is in the kitchen.

Chalk Walls are also the coolest way to keep kids organized and on track, while giving them a blank canvas to express their own creativity at the same time. Changing their minds is as easy as wiping a Chalk Wall clean and starting again. Create a Homework Command Center where your kids can keep track of assignments. Assign weekly chores with the Calendar Kit. Whether you're working on Potty Training, chores or remembering to brush teeth, a Chalk Wall makes a perfect reward chart. My favorite use for Chalk Walls is to surprise kids with funny and encouraging notes; anything that helps us communicate with our children gets an A+ from this mom!

Not only are Chalk Walls a smart organizational tool, you can be a smart shopper and save now using our Buy 2 Get 1 FREE promotion. A friend of mine purchased 3 Chalk Wall Rectangle Panels today: 2 are for her sons' rooms to help them stay organized and the third is for her kitchen. It will either hold her to-do list or her grocery list. The best part of her purchase is that she got the third one FREE! Knowing this particular friend, it won't be long before she orders a Chalk Wall for her daughter's room, another for the playroom and one more for her home office.

How are Chalk Walls helping you to stay organized? Send me a photo and you might just find your home featured right here!

Chalk Wall Tip #1: Use chalk markers, found in craft stores, for a fun addition of color on your Chalk Wall. Clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

Chalk Wall Tip #2: On my web site and in my catalog, chalkboard vinyl is
designated with black and gray stripes.

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