Monday, April 19, 2010

Make a Mom's Day

It just dawned on me that Mother's Day is about 3 weeks away and I have to get my act together to make my mom's day special. Too bad my sister and I are all grown up, because I have the perfect Mother's Day gift for any mom with young kids or a mommy-to-be (think baby showers).As all we moms know, our babies grow up way too quickly. Therefore, I love anything that helps us preserve those precious moments and memories of their childhood. A hand print does just that. Now that my own children are getting older (sniffle, sniffle) they love looking at how small their own hands and feet were when they were little.
The Little Prints Keepsake Kit comes with everything you need to create a permanent keepsake of a time when your baby's hand were still small enough to fit in yours. Everything is included: from a pre-painted board to paint, a paint brush and even ribbon for hanging. While you're on my website, check out all of the other great ideas for spring celebrating and gift-giving. And if you are the one with small ones, don't think you have to wait around for someone to pick this up for you. It won't be around for long, and the other thing moms know is that if we want something done, we have to do it ourselves.

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