Thursday, December 2, 2010

Customer Photos: Sophia's Holiday Home

My friend Sophia is an elegant hostess with a talented eye for decorating. Small wonder she is a successful consultant for Willow House (formerly Southern Living At Home). Today I had the pleasure of helping Sophia with some Uppercase Living products as she decorates for her upcoming customer Open House. With a professional floral artist on hand, as well as contractors working elsewhere on her property, her home was bustling with preparations for her big event. I arrived with my 4-year old in tow, got him settled with a toy and got to work. (I love that I can take my son to "work" with me!)
The pine trees are the perfect accent for this arched doorway

Sophia had ordered the Merry Christmas Holiday Decor Set and decided to use it in her large kitchen. It turned out to be the perfect choice. With 48 pieces, we were able to decorate two doorways, a large arch, and her French doors. Everything coordinated beautifully without looking overly cute. There were even extra holly leaves left over to add to some of the kitchen cabinets.

Despite all that, by far the best part of today's installation was when Sophia realized, after living in her home for 7 years, that she could finally decorate her range hood. Situated in a stone surround, it has been quite impossible for Sophia to hang, stick, screw in or otherwise decorate for Christmas in this part of her kitchen. Watching her delight when she realized that her problem was solved reminds me again why I love my job so much. You can bet I got a big hug when I stepped off the stool to admire the expression! The "Merry Christmas" looks fantastic decorating the focal point of Sophia's beautiful kitchen. As a removable, reusable Decorative Print, Sophia will be able to use it for years to come.

If you'd like to visit Sophia's home and see her beautiful decor for yourself, you're in luck. Her Willow House event is Friday evening in the Westlake Village Trails neighborhood. You can email Sophia for directions. If you'd like to place a Willow House order, you can visit her website (lots of great items just got marked down 40%!). I highly suggest you try to drop by, as our friend Rosalie from Tastefully Simple will be there with delicious treats to sample.You'll  also find more Uppercase Living products scattered through Sophia's home. You'll love her great ideas for holiday and everyday decor and entertaining. 

Decorative Print Tip: The adhesive on our Decorative and Photo Prints is quite strong and might make it difficult to remove the Print, especially from non-porous surfaces. You can "dirty up" the back of the Print by adhering it to a tablecloth, rug or fuzzy sweater before you apply it to your wall or other surface. The lint will make it easier for you to remove the Print but will not interfere with the adhesive.

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