Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Customer Photos: Ashlyn's Nursery

I have always loved babies. I love them even more now that my own babies are getting so big. So I get pretty excited when a mom brings her baby to one of my parties. That's how I met Miss Ashlyn. She and her sweet Mommy, Charissa, attended an Uppercase Living party late last year. Ashlyn was a perfectly behaved guest. She napped quietly during the presentation, then woke up for a snack before treating us all to smiles and a peek at her gorgeous blue eyes.

Charissa looked through my catalog for something to decorate Ashlyn's room. Inspired by this design, the Moxie Butterfly, she considered several color combinations before settling on a Green Tea butterfly with Concord Grape lettering. Her choice fit perfectly in Ashlyn's butterfly theme nursery, but the sophisticated color combination is one that will serve Ashlyn even when she's a big girl.

Last week, I got to help Charissa install her new design (and get another visit with Ashlyn). The custom expression went on with no problems. True to form, Ashlyn woke up from a catnap halfway through our installation and once again cooed and smiled and giggled and gave me serious baby envy. Before I could run away with Ashlyn, my own 4 year old (who was a trouper and let me work while he played quietly - I'm so lucky I can bring him to work withe me) informed me that it was time to leave. So I bid Ashlyn a sad farewell, hopeful that I would see her and her Mommy at another Uppercase Living party soon. Before I left, I was able to snap a picture of Ashlyn with her newly decorated wall. As gorgeous as the expression is, the picture is so much better with Ashlyn in it! Enjoy your butterfly sweet Ashlyn!

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