Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A BIG GIFT for You to Celebrate UL's 5th Birthday!

Today is a Big Birthday for Uppercase Living. This great company is turning 5. Today, and throughout the year, you'll be seeing big things from UL, all centered around that number 5. Today's amazing special is for those of you who have ever given a thought to joining my team and becoming an Uppercase Living demonstrator (best job around!). 
Today only, you can get our regularly $99 Essentials Starter Kit for only $55!! This is a fantastic opportunity to join a young company that has only good things in its future. Your recently improved starter kit not only includes everything you need to get your business started, but a $25 product credit too! Whether you'd like to do this to share our generous discount with close family and for yourself, on a part time basis, just to get out and talk to some grown ups once in a while, or you're going to go for it, turn this into a big business and help your family's bottom line every month while you earn a fabulous exotic vacation every year, you won't see a better deal on the Starter Kit. 

I am personally committed to the success of each person who joins my team. I would absolutely LOVE to have you join and help you grow your business, loving every step as much as I do. My website contains a ton of information for you, including the details of our Business Opportunity. I am also available all day today to answer questions and help you take the first step on this fantastic journey. You can email me or call me at (818)309-7768.

When I joined Uppercase Living, I had 3 small children, including a toddler. It was NOT the right time for me to to be starting a new business. I jumped in anyway, knowing that I'd regret losing the chance to get started with this company at such an early stage. I haven't regretted that decision once! I love my "job" and I want you to have as much fun as I do.  Go to the Join My Team tab on my website and click on Join Now. I can't wait to say "Welcome to Uppercase Living!"

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