Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All About Argyle

Ever since the Preppies were taking over the world in the early 80s, I've loved argyle patterns (preferably in dove gray and baby pink, but that's just me). I find them classic and timeless but also contemporary and fun when the scale or colors are updated. All these years later, argyle is still a popular pattern in fashion and decorating. Its neat, linear pattern makes it a good choice for borders, but hand painting an argyle border requires stencils, two different size brushes, numerous steps, mess, clean up, a steady hand and a LOT of patience.

Luckily, there's an easier way. Uppercase Living borders are among our best kept secrets. Available in various sizes and all of our colors, our borders also come with registration marks to make lining them up for a seamless look foolproof. As you can see in the following photos, our 2-part argyle border can look tailored, bold, or fun and easily fit into any decor.
In this photo, the border is used to cover the seam where the two paint colors meet. Its dark tone ties in with the bedding and makes this an ideal look for either a masculine or feminine space.
In the photo above, the argyle colors also tie in with the bedding, but the pattern is placed a bit higher on a solid color wall. Not only does this draw the eye up, but it also fills a space where a headboard would be. The vibrant color makes a traditional pattern look fresh and contemporary.

Here, the argyle is in a larger scale and has been placed above the chair rail. Adding some black to this room grounds the color scheme and ties in with the chair. The size makes it a good choice for a bold kids' space.
However you decide to use it, you'll love the ease and simplicity of applying your argyle border. Think of all the money you'll save on paint, wallpaper, or redoing your drywall because you got so frustrated trying to get your lines straight that you punched a hole through it. 

Decorative Tip: Argyles aren't just for walls. Add them to accessories in the space to tie the wall border together with the rest of the room. You can put them on lamp shades, windows, frames, closet doors, mirrors and furniture. If you want to take your argyle with you, you can even put it on your laptop.

Installation Tip: The following video will teach you how to apply your border precisely and easily. View more helpful videos on a variety of topics on my website

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