Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Project of the Month: A Double Duty Graduation Gift

Maybe it's because I'm a little wistful at the thought of my daughter graduating 5th grade and my son graduating preschool, but this month's project kind of calls out to me. I can see it used in so many different ways. As shown, it's a perfect personal gift or centerpiece for a graduation party. The colors can match school colors and you can change the name or leave it off altogether. But what's great about this design is that it's been applied to our Vintage Round Embossed Metal Charger so that it  doubles as a magnetic photo board, too. It's a great, lightweight graduation gift that can go to college or a new apartment and hold memories from Senior year (or Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, in the case of my son).
This same expression (or any of our other graduation expressions) can also be used with our Square Charger. Not only would it give a different look, but party guests can sign it with a permanent marker, such as a Sharpie, as a lasting keepsake for the guest of honor. 

June holds not only graduations but also Father's Day, and this idea would be also be a perfect gift for Dad or Grandpa. Magnets make it easy to change out photos so there's always a fresh batch of family pictures on display.  Or, if you choose the Square Charger, the kids can each write a message on it.

Of course, either of these designs would be a perfect teacher's gift. They can also be modified for bridal showers and weddings, two more of spring's big celebrations. However you modify these designs for your needs, keep in mind that all orders receive FREE SHIPPING this month. I'd love to help you create the ideal design for each of your spring occasions. Enjoy this month's project and share your ideas here too!

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