Monday, May 9, 2011

Tips & Tricks for Specialty Vinyl

One of the things that sets Uppercase Living far above our competition is our large variety of color choices. Our expressions come in 39 colors of matte interior vinyl, many of them exclusive to our company. But our matte vinyl is just the beginning of our color story. We also offer several types of specialty colors and finishes. Here are some descriptions and tips for each type to help you make an informed choice next time you place an order:

METALLIC VINYL - Just like our matte interior vinyl, the color of our metallic vinyl goes all the way through. It is applied the same and "behaves" the same. There is no additional charge for metallic colors.

SHIMMER VINYL - Shimmer Vinyl has separate color and shimmer layers. It is not the same color all the way through and therefore cannot be manufactured in a mirror image. Shimmer Vinyl is a little more delicate than our standard matte vinyl and requires a bit of a gentle touch; it is easier to accidentally stretch out during installation, so be careful pulling off the transfer tape. There is an additional charge for Shimmer Vinyl.

ETCHED GLASS - Our Etched Glass color has been consistently popular since it was introduced. It has a stronger bond than our standard matte vinyl and is therefore not recommended for painted surfaces. We do recommend using Mistick wet application solution for applying Etched Glass (and all our vinyl) to glass and other nonporous surfaces.  An additional charge applies to Etched Glass expressions.

Etched Glass embellishments applied to drinking glasses.

PREMIUM BOND - This is the unsung hero of our color palette. Premium Bond vinyl is intended to withstand most weather conditions, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use (think mailboxes, store windows, and signs). It is considered a permanent addition and definitely not intended for painted surfaces. The stronger adhesive will likely take some paint with it when it is removed. However, you might just decide to use it on one of our Foundations pieces because of its glossy finish. There is no additional charge for Premium Bond.

Of course, I am always available to help you choose just the right type of vinyl for your project. Don't hesitate to contact me to brainstorm how using Uppercase Living specialty vinyl can help your vision come to life.

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