Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free, Free, and MORE Free

Uppercase Living is starting off the new year with a huge bang by offering a number of great promotions to make shopping with me fun and rewarding. Our biggest promotion of the month is also our customers' favorite: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! For every 3 items you purchase, you'll get a third FREE! This applies to all of our exclusive vinyl expressions, custom MyDesign creations, accessories and Blume jewelry.  You can mix and match any combination of items and there's absolutely no limit to your savings or the amount of FREE items you will receive. Just make sure to order in groups of 3!

But wait, there's more! 

Uppercase Living is sharing the love with this Berry Red expression, FREE with every order placed by January 18th. You can order directly on my website or contact me for help. You don't need to manually add the expression to your order; it will be included automatically!

How About Some More Free?

As always, you receive up to 3 FREE gifts when your order reaches $60, $80 or $100. You get to choose from two exclusive vinyl pieces, including one with Chalk Wall, and 2 Blume items.  You can put the jewelry items together for a perfect Valentine's Day gift. Visit my website to see this month's choices.
 Oh, And One More Thing...
Every day this month, UL is sharing even more love by giving away one order placed the previous day. Just check the Uppercase Living page on Facebook to find out each day's winner. While you're there, make sure to scroll down and check out UL's post from January 3rd for details on how you can also save 25% on an order placed  next month.

There you have it - lots of ways to get FREE items in January. I love sharing these specials with all of you, so here's one more: any hostess who holds an Uppercase Living party with me in January or February will get a FREE bonus gift in addition to the hostess gifts and FREE products available for all hostesses. With all of these special offers, you're going to have a big problem: how will you narrow down your shopping list? You won't have to, because you can get so much of it FREE!

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