Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Customer Celebration Day Oct. 28: A FREE Expression and Two New Kits!

Hooray for Customer Celebration Days! I always love giving my customers more than they expect and, in this case, that means they get a FREE Happy Holidays expression with every order placed this Thursday, October 28. Not only is this an exclusive expression, not to be found in our catalog, but it's yours in Shimmer Cranberry, one of our beautiful specialty colors, without the usual upgrade fee!

I love the idea of this expression right on the wall above a fireplace, as you see here, or above a doorway to welcome guests who visit during the holiday season. Of course, it is the perfect for adorning your front door to spread the holiday cheer outside. Other ideas for this versatile FREE expression include applying it on a platter to serve holiday treats, placing it on a mirror, or even on your back windshield to spread holiday cheer everywhere you drive! However, since most of you like using our seasonal expressions from year to year, our Foundations accessories are the perfect choice.

An obvious choice to display this expression is the Vintage Embossed Metal Board in Creme. This lightweight piece is great for your own home or office, or for gift-giving in the enclosed gift box.

You can kick your display up a notch by applying it to the Pre-Drilled MDF Board (seen here painted in Whipped Creme Toolbox Paint).  Our Bulldog Clips have been added to it with a little bit of seasonal ribbon. The clips can be used to hold special holiday cards, photos, or even letters to Santa. As a variation on this design, you can use our Vintage Knobs instead of the bulldog clips and hang ornaments from them to mirror the expression. Make sure to leave one knob for mistletoe!

When you purchase the materials for either of these projects, you'll receive the lettering for FREE, essentially creating your own kit!

For the Vintage Embossed Metal Board Kit, just order the Board (Item #300155)and your expression will automatically be included with your order.

For the Pre-Drilled MDF Board Kit, you'll need to order:
Pre-Drilled MDF Board (#300132)
Whipped Creme Toolbox Paint (#300144)
Set of 4 Bulldog Clips (#300134) OR Vintage Knobs (#300136)

Bonus Offer #1: If you purchase the Pre-Drilled MDF Board Kit, I will provide the ribbon to complete your project in style!

Bonus Offer #2: Local customers who order the Vintage Embossed Metal Board Kit can choose to have me assemble their project for them at no charge. You'll receive your metal board ready to hang or give as a gift! If you're not going to have me assemble your board, consider adding Mistick to your order to ease application.

I anticipate a very busy day at Uppercase Living on Thursday, so please get your orders to me no later than 4 PM on Thursday. I can't wait to share this shimmery expression with you all and seeing how you use it to begin your holiday decorating or gift-giving this year.

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