Friday, May 14, 2010

CReATE Studio Fun

Meet Jemma:

Jemma is a cool mom who believes that garages are completely wasted on cars and much better suited for providing a space to create art from the most unlikely materials. She's completely revamped hers, added a gorgeous tree (you can kind of see the twinkling lights in the photo above) that showcases many of the projects she's helped create, and completed the studio with shelf after shelf of art materials. What's more, she's opened up this amazing space, CReATE STUDIO, to the community. On a given day you might find preschoolers making a messy art project while school age kids work on school projects (Jemma has seen her share of California missions in miniature). Later a group of children come in for a fun birthday party, leaving just before several women arrive for a Ladies' Night. The sense of community is clear when you see her Wall of Wow: a giant photo wall with hundreds of pictures of the projects and clients of CReATE STUDIO.

Always keeping an eye to the environment, Jemma uses many recycled, repurposed and donated materials. However, the one medium she has yet to use for her creations is....vinyl! When Jemma and I talked at an Uppercase Living party not too long ago, she realized right away that our products can be a natural way to express yourself artistically and that our kits are perfect for an upcoming Ladies' Night.

So CReATE STUDIO is having an Uppercase Living party. I'll be there the afternoon of May 21 after 3 p.m. to introduce Uppercase Living to Jemma's clients, demonstrate our products, and guide a short craft project to get everyone familiar with how to apply our vinyl lettering. You might stop in to check out the UL, but you'll definitely get pulled in by all of the other fun ways you'll find to be creative in Jemma's awesome studio. If you aren't able to come the day of the demonstration, stop by during the week to work on a craft, check out the new mini catalog and enter the door prize drawing.

Usually my kids complain when I go away for UL demonstrations. This time, they can't wait because they are coming with me to play and create while I work. I hope you'll stop by and visit and get to know this great gem in our community. All the details are on the CReATE STUDIO website. If you just can't get there Friday afternoon, stop in during studio hours to check out the UL display, photos and catalogs. Don't be surprised if you plan to just stop by for a few minutes and find yourself there for much longer, involved in a special project. Jemma wouldn't have it any other way.

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