Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo Prints: The Ultimate Party Decor

When I tell my customers about Uppercase Living's Photo Prints, I find I generally get two types of responses. One set of customers instantly understand the possibilities and their minds start racing with different ideas and ways to use these uniquely personal products. The others think Photo Prints are really cool, but don't fully see how they'd use them in their own lives. Here are some photos that will hopefully appeal to both groups. Those who already love Photo Prints will probably use these examples as a starting point and begin planning how to add a Photo Print or two to their next celebration. And those who need to see them in action will see 4 great ideas and realize just one of the unique ways that Photo Prints can be used.

In each of these examples, custom lettering has been added to enhance the Photo Print.

Because the Photo Prints are reusable, they can be taken home from the party venue and reapplied to another surface.

A class picture turned into a large Photo Print is the perfect decor for this summer's class reunions.

My favorite of this bunch is this final one.

As our brave military members come home from wherever they may be serving, this Photo Print is a touching way to welcome them home. Perhaps even more important, the Print can be a constant reminder of their service while they're away from home. The perfect accent for a military theme Photo Print? A yellow vinyl ribbon, of course.

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