Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Projects for Father's Day

Now that Mother's Day has come and gone, we all have one thing on our mind (no, not how to return those ugly pajamas without the kids finding out): what to get dad, or our kids' dad for Father's Day. Hopefully, all you moms got spoiled on Mother's Day. Now it's time to repay the favor with something thoughtful,. personal, and because you have 43 kabillion other things to do, QUICK! Here are a couple of ideas that fit the bill:

Both of these projects are from our Spring Celebrations Mini Catalog and both come with everything included to complete the gifts. The "Best Dad Ever" kit is just $21.95 and would look so cute hanging in Dad's workshop.

My favorite kit for Father's Day is the "Memories of Dad" metal board. The gorgeous blue color sets of your choice of vinyl color beautifully. Best of all, it includes 3 magnets so that you can continually update the photos that it displays.

You can find more Father's Day ideas on my website by simply searching for Father or Dad on the product search page. Don't limit yourself just to those, though. If the dad you're shopping for has a favorite hobby or pastime, use that as your search term. You'll find ideas under "golf," "fishing," "grilling," and many more.

Perhaps the best idea isn't even one that you'll find in our wide range of products. Simply create the custom expression World's Greatest DAD in our MyDesign Suite and surprise dad by applying it to the back of his car before he gets up on Father's Day. Unlike yet another tie or pair of cuff links, that is one Father's Day gift he'll be proud to wear, day after day.

DON'T FORGET: All of these ideas and more are 20% off when your order reaches $50. This great deal goes away on May 19, so don't wait too long to order.

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