Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a Summer FREE For All!

For weeks now, I've been anxiously waiting for details on one Uppercase Living's biggest promotions of the year: Summer Splash. Now that they've been unveiled, I couldn't be more excited. You guys are going to LOVE this year's deals. Just when I think our promotions can't get any more generous, UL completely surprises me with the extent of the bonuses and discounts. I don't know how they do it, but I'm sure glad to be part of it.

The theme for this year's Summer Splash is FREE FOR ALL because there's something free for everyone:

  • Customers - All vinyl expressions are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE during the Summer Splash period. I've never seen this from UL! This includes all catalog and website expressions, Decorative Prints and Grande Format expressions (you know, the big pricey ones). It even includes custom designs and Photo Prints. If that wasn't enough, all accessories are now 20% off and this includes kits in our Celebrations Mini Catalog! I was able to offer this special to guests at a party yesterday and they loved it!
  • Hostesses - I love spoiling my hostesses and showing them just how much I appreciate them, so I'm excited to offer them BONUS FREE PRODUCTS in addition to what they'll get just for hosting a qualifying party. Hostesses can earn up to $40 more in free product of their choice. What's more, the amount is calculated after their Double Up Rewards are added to their party total. I also have a new hostess bonus program in place that can help my hostesses earn unlimited extra hostess rewards. If your UL wish list is bigger than your budget, now is the time to cash in on Summer Splash and get as much free product as possible by hosting your party! This special also applies to catalog parties, so there's no reason not to host.
  • New Demonstrators - While I love the Buy One Get One FREE special for our customers, I think the most exciting part of Summer Splash is the incentive for any new demonstrators: Your $99 Essentials Starter Kit can be yours FREE after you submit a qualifying party order. So not only will you be able to start your new business by offering a fantastic Buy One Get One Free special to your customers, but you can get your business started for FREE! I am super excited to share this special with my new team members (and super jealous I couldn't take advantage of it when I first started with Uppercase Living!) and help them get off to a strong start and get the most from all of the great opportunities available to us right now.
So, now, the choice is yours. Will you stock up on free expressions or perhaps decorate a room or two, will you host a party to share the wealth with all of your friends and cash in on even more free items, or will you join my team and earn a FREE starter kit and so much more when you become a new Uppercase Living demonstrator. Whichever you decide, don't wait too long. Summer Splash will be over July 12 and my calendar will be sure to fill up quickly. I can't wait to share all of our wonderful Summer Splash deals with you.

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