Thursday, June 17, 2010

Someone's Counting Down

We have a birthday coming up in our family.

Not just a birthday, but a big one. My daughter is hitting double digits. [gulp]

As she is truly her mother's daughter she has spent the better part of the last two months planning, choosing a theme, then rejecting it, then choosing another, creating a guest list, adding people, removing them after a spat, then making up and putting them back, rejecting suggested menus, rolling her eyes, finalizing the timeline and obsessing over every single detail. She's having a few girls over for a slumber party, but in her mind, it is the most important day EVER.

The day will be important for me too. Ten years ago, I was a nervous mom-to-be, so worried about surviving my baby's delivery that I hardly gave much thought about what came after. Now, I look back on the last decade [double gulp] and I find it difficult to process all the changes that have taken place in our family during that time. Needless to say, my daughter's tenth birthday will be a big day for both of us.

One of the (non-obsessive) things my daughter has done in preparation for her birthday has been using the new Uppercase Living Birthday Countdown kit. She waited patiently until there were 30 days left until the big day to break it out. We've had fun moving the magnet each day and watching the numbers get smaller as we approach her birthday. Since she also has two brothers (one of whom has been talking about his 5th birthday since a week or two after his 4th) I chose a gender-neutral green and yellow color combination for out kit. Truthfully, I'd love it in a girly sparkly pink! You can choose the colors that best fit your family's personality.

As part of our current Summer Splash promotion, all of our accessories and kits, including this Birthday Countdown, are 20% off while all of our vinyl expressions are Buy One Get One FREE. Of all the great kits in our Spring Celebrations Mini Catalog, I think this is the one that you'll use year after year for all of the birthdays in your family. I also think this is a must-have for Grandma's house.

Like it or not, those birthdays are going to keep on coming. Adding a fun countdown heightens the anticipation (just like using an Advent calendar makes counting down to Christmas so much more fun) and, in our case, has given me a daily reminder of the gift I got when my little girl was born 10 years minus 16 days ago.

Note: The Birthday Countdown Kit does not include the easel pictured. It has hooks on the back and comes with a ribbon for hanging.


Meghan said...

WHAT??!!! She's 10?
Are you sure?
Geesh, I am feeling odl

t said...

That's because you are old! One year older than me to be exact!


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