Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspired By Today's Creative Blog

So many of us visit Kim at Today's Creative Blog (that's her button on my sidebar) for our daily dose of awesome inspiration and her unique way of presenting it. Recently she posted a giveaway for a machine that cuts vinyl, among other stuff, and the bajillion comments she received inspired me to post some ideas for her readers. Plus, I'll take any chance to play with our MyDesign tool.

So, if you're here visiting from TCB, Welcome and thanks for the inspiration. I'm Torreh, an old online friend of Kim's and an Uppercase Living demonstrator. If you haven't yet heard of Uppercase Living, we're a direct sales vinyl decor company doing business in the US and Canada. All of our vinyl expressions are removable, customizable and very, very affordable. You can order directly from my website or contact me for help with a custom design or to host a local home party or catalog party.

Before you start looking around, you should know that all of our vinyl is currently Buy One, Get One FREE. That's right. No limits, no exclusions, no minimum. Now, here are some ideas for you crafty TCB readers:

Here are some reusable full-color vinyl flowers for your daughter's room. These come in several color options. With so many in the set, you can layer them, scatter them, and spruce up some other accessories in the room, like the lamp in this picture.

eather & Renee Richins:

This set of toy bin labels would work great for your classroom or any child's room or play room. They don't even need to be able to read to help put their toys away!

Jackson's Mommy:
How about this for your Pretty Girl?

Of course, I think this would look so much more amazing with a Photo Print of your daughter. Imagine her face up there with that beautiful saying.

What a cute idea to scatter birds throughout your home. They're so popular right now. Here are a couple of ours. Available in sizes from 2" to 18" you can use them to decorate just about any space. I think our own Kim needs one, don't you?

Nancy H.:
If it's Welcome signs you like, take a look here!

Alicia, Jamie W & MrsJoseph:
Here are some great reusable party items. The banner comes in 2 colorways and the Pin the Tail on the Giraffe is sure to be a hit year after year.

To start the excitement well before the party, look at this fun magnetic countdown kit:

Do you think this would help your husband find the hamper?
Nicole, Lori, Artbrat and Forsythe liked this one too!

Wedding ideas abound here and here!

I love your idea. Here's my interpretation of it, although you can design yours however you like:

Check out one of these frames for the house numbers on your front door.

Kim, Tabitha & Rebecca:
Here are some labels for your kitchen canisters. Psst....they also come in Etched Glass.

RV and MH:
Here's some bamboo for your daughter's office:

Here are a couple of ideas for all your windows. I love old windows!

Jen, Mary, JeanMS & LHadgis:
Check out so many cute ideas for the Laundry Room.

I love the idea of using vinyl instead of a headboard. I did a room using the following design instead of a headboard. All of our expressions come in 3 sizes, so a small one can be used above a headboard, or a large one could take the place of one. Of course, this is just one of the hundreds of options.

You're right that custom expressions can be pricey from some places, but check out the design I created from your quote:
I designed it in two pieces so it can qualify for the Buy One, Get One FREE special, and so it comes to just under $30! You can bring the price down even more by choosing a smaller font.

Ninja Panda:
Don't forget you can incorporate your new monogram in all of your wedding decor, then put a giant one on the dance floor!

Kelly H, Katie, Scrapycandy, Becks, & Lynda:
We have at least 23 ideas for butterflies, including this favorite:
Those of you prefer birds, or flowers, are also going to have a difficult time deciding!

This design, inspired by Kim herself, is for all of you have a furry member of your families that you love as much as she loves Mabie:
Etched Glass
So many of you mentioned that you love the idea of etching glass. Guess what: ALL OFF OUR DESIGNS COME IN "ETCHED GLASS" VINYL. That's right, the look of etched glass without the mess. So you can create projects like this:

Now, I wouldn't recommend putting them on dishes you plan to put in the oven or dishwasher, but for everything else, vinyl is the way to go! The coasters are a particularly good deal right now because they are 20% off and the vinyl is Boy One, Get One Free. And I hate to be grim, but as cute as that fishbowl is, what are you going to do with it when your goldfish goes to the giant pond in the sky? At some point, you're going to get tired of giving all of your fish the same name. Erin Wood Photography, I think you know what I mean.

Before you all jump over and start browsing my website for more inspiration, here are a couple of housekeeping notes: all vinyl is Buy One, Get One FREE. Everything else is 20% off! If you place an order and send me an email letting me know that you came over from TCB, I'll send you a mini assortment of vinyl words perfect for decorating votives, wine glasses, picture frames, cell phones, etc. If your name was mentioned here and you place an order, I'll double the number of words you get. Many of our designs are slated to be retired Mid-July. You can download the full list of retiring items here. If there is no possible way you can afford to buy everything you fall in love with, consider having a catalog party. I'll send you some catalogs and order forms, you collect orders from your friends and cash in on FREE and half-price products. And if you decide you love Uppercase Living as much as I do and want to become a demonstrator too, I can give you all the info you need, including how to get your Starter Kit for FREE. Finally, if you'd like to be on my mailing list, just leave me a comment and let me know.

I don't have to tell all of you how versatile and fun vinyl decor is. Personally, I'm cheap and lazy and don't want to spend the effort and money on cutting my own vinyl. I wouldn't want to buy a whole roll of vinyl in one color just to cut out something small. There's no way I could swing buying a Cricut or Silhouette machine these days, and knowing me, it would just sit there on my desk collecting dust if I did. So, for me Uppercase Living is the way to go. I love the products and I love the company. If any of you TCB ladies would like me to design an expression for you, just let me know. Knowing you guys, though, you'll just jump right on over to my website and do it yourself. I love that about you!


Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Oh I really love those birds! I have a thing for bird silhouettes!

:) Caroline

t said...

Caroline, I agree. I think a grouping of them can be equally beautiful as using them to adorn some lettering, an antique window, a nursery or lots of other places in a home...or even a car!


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