Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Back to School With Chalk Wall

Kids look forward to going back to school for lots of reasons, but doing homework is definitely not one of them.  What better way to get them motivated to hit the books than by creating a fun homework station? Paired with Erasable Chalk Wall or dry erase tiles, our new Decorative Print tiles are the perfect decor for a homework nook. The Decorative Prints add the fun and the Erasables provide space to list assignments, figure out some pesky word problems or for Mom or Dad to leave an encouraging note.

The smart Dad that designed this space added an extra Chalk While tile to the top of the study table so his girls (how cute are they? They just ooze sweetness and sass, No wonder they've got Dad wrapped around their little fingers!) can doodle or practice their handwriting.

The Decorative Prints used here are the Groovy Retro Tiles. For a boys' space you can use the Classic Sports Retro Tiles. You can even create a memo center in your kitchen using the Fruit Label Retro Tiles. I'd love to see how you use our great new Erasables to create a cool study space for your little students.

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