Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School Media Center

Remember when school libraries were boring spaces, stacked floor to ceiling with books, magazines and those long drawers which held the card catalog? Not only do they not look like that anymore, they're not even called libraries anymore. Today's media centers house books, of course, but also AV materials and computers, to start.
Today's media specialists (don't call them "librarians") not only have to keep up with all of the materials under their care, but they also have to make their spaces accessible and inviting for the students who use them. That's a pretty tall order with the state of school budgets today. Luckily for the students at Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School in Murfeesboro, Tennessee, their media specialist used Uppercase Living to fun lettering and inspirational words to the bare walls of the media center.

The words are created in a variety of fonts with letters as tall as 13 inches! See all those circles? Each is actually one of a three part design which was divided to make the budget stretch further. The overall look is colorful, fun and whimsical.

These tables will hold computers. The custom design was created to reach across the bare wall and reflects the purpose of the space.

Another inspirational custom design fills an awkward space.

Notice that the walls in this media center are all made of cinder block, a common building material in schools and one that is difficult to decorate without drilling holes. Vinyl, therefore, is a great choice. Totally versatile, customizable and easy to apply, it is a fantastic solution for classrooms, gymnasiums and even outdoor spaces in schools.

I better wrap this up before I start making awful school references like "Uppercase Living really makes the grade," or "UL helped this media center get an A+." Oops, too late. 

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