Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Note About Returns and Exchanges

One of the many things that sets Uppercase Living apart from other places that sell vinyl decor is our generous exchange policy. In fact, your satisfaction is so important to me and our company that we offer replacement for products even after you've applied them to your wall! You have 90 days after your order date to contact me if there is ever a problem with your items. In the rare case that there's a mistake or defect on a product you've ordered, just let me know within 90 days and a replacement will be on its way to you right away, free of charge.

However, you might just decide that you don't like the placement of something you've already applied, prefer a different color or had some trouble with the application.  In those cases, you can still request a replacement and will only be charged our normal $7.95 Shipping and Handling fee.  If you find that you just don't like an item as much as you expected, you can exchange it for something different and pay the difference in their prices plus Shipping and Handling. Uppercase Living does not provide refunds in the case that your original item was more expensive than what you choose instead.  As a matter of fact, Uppercase Living doesn't provide refunds in any case, but our policy is designed to make sure you do receive a high quality item that you love and that looks great in your home.

The exception to these policies is for custom designs created in our MyDesign Suite, including Photo Prints. As you can imagine, items that are completely customized are not able to be exchanged, but most definitely will be replaced if there is a manufacturing defect.

You might think that those custom designs and Photo Prints are the only custom items we offer.  But the fact is that none of our expressions are manufactured until your individual order is submitted to our production facility. We have so many options for expressions, sizes and colors that it would be impossible to anticipate our customers' choices and create anything ahead of time. So, in reality, every expression we ship is a custom expression. Even so, our exchange policy applies to all of the hundreds of exclusive expressions in our catalog.

Another reason that we don't pre-manufacture any of our items is to make sure you receive expressions made with the "freshest" vinyl possible. That's important to make sure you'll have a smooth application, with no cracks or brittleness in your vinyl. If you've been to any of my parties, you've heard me tell you to apply your expressions as soon as possible. That way your vinyl will still be fresh and, if you run into any problems, we'll have time within our 90-day Guarantee Period to fix it or get your item replaced. Besides, you didn't purchase these expressions so they could stay rolled up in the corner of a closet. Put them up and start enjoying them now!

My last bit of advice is this: If you ever have a problem with something that you've purchased from Uppercase Living, please tell me about it no matter how long ago you bought it. Even if your 90-day Guarantee Period has passed, I may have a tip or suggestion to fix whatever the problem might be.

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