Monday, August 16, 2010

Thinking Pink Year Round

Some of you many not know that Uppercase Living offers FREE expressions every month to all of our hostesses and customers. The designs change each month, but there is almost always a seasonal choice to correspond with any upcoming holidays or just the change of the seasons. Our designers work several months ahead so that you'll have your expressions in plenty of time to decorate well before the holiday. That's why you'll see a Halloween option among this month's designs, for example. The August free gifts also include two choices to help commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which falls in October.

Personally, I'm thrilled that these expressions are available now for our customers. Unfortunately, cancer doesn't wait for a particular time of year to strike and so we need to be vigilant about it year-round. Check the girls regularly, talk to your doctor, get your mammogram...all that stuff, and that's not just limited to the ladies. Many of us have loved ones who have fought this disease and it's also nice to honor their battles throughout the year, not just in a particular month.

The hostess expression above is displayed on a punched metal tile but would look just as great on our square Frameworks or on the wall with some pictures.

The more casual "Think pink" expression is perfect for a car so that your message of hope, awareness and encouragement can travel with you. But it also fits nicely in our rectangle Frameworks. It would also be great on a refrigerator as a reminder to reach for something healthy each time you open the door. These would also be perfect gifts for anyone who is currently fighting or has dealt with breast cancer in the past. You won't find these items in our catalog or on my website, so please contact me to find out how you can earn one yourself.

As a mother, daughter, sister and wife, as someone who has a daughter of my own and has had too many loved ones affected by breast cancer, I am eager to see this terrible disease cured once and for all. Therefore, I would be happy to organize a fund-raiser for any breast cancer organization and donate a portion of my sales to further research, provide mammograms and/or help care for patients and their families. If you're interested, please contact me. It would be my pleasure to be part of this crusade.

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