Saturday, November 6, 2010

50 and Counting!

Thanks to one of my lovely friends on Facebook, I know that there are now 50 days left until Christmas. For us adults, that translates to "Holy cow, only 50 days? How will I ever get everything done?" But if you're a kid, those 50 days may as well be 500. My kids have been asking how many days since the end of summer! 
Our adorable Christmas Countdown Kit answers the question in very cute style! Available for a limited time, the kit includes our 12x12 punched metal tile in Berry Red (for those of you who haven't seen it, it's such a pretty shade of red), a two party expression in your choice of colors, the Chalk Wall piece for the countdown, and the exclusive Black Easel that's only available in this kit. With all those pieces included, it's a fabulous value at just $32.95.  

The fun thing about the kit is that you can start counting down anytime. I know there are those of you who just might start counting the days until next Christmas right around New Year's!

Countdown Tip: If you look closely in the photo, the expression has been placed slightly off center. The expression is designed this way for added interest. If you prefer to have yours perfectly centered, position the present first, then cut the 2nd part in two pieces, placing the bow and the words separately.

Bonus Tip: Order a coordinating Valentine's Day expression to go on the back of your Red Tile and let it do double duty! You'll be ready for Valentine's Day as soon as your Christmas Decorations are put away!

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