Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Tin Sets: Perfect for Gifts, Favors and Rudolph

So many times during the holidays, we need to give a gift to a large group of people. Other times, holiday events call for guest favors. In both instances, we'd like to give something heartfelt, unique and thoughtful. But when purchasing multiple gifts at once, it's also important to watch costs. Naturally, Uppercase Living has a solution that will suit your taste, wow your guests (or anyone lucky enough to receive one of these cuties), and meet your budget.

Our Gift Tin Kits are the perfect many-gifts-in-one. Each set has 4 tins, 4 vinyl decorations in your choice of design and color, and 4 gift bags. Even the ribbon is included! You can fill these with anything from candy to jewelry and make the packaging a special part of the gift. For those of you who need affordable business gifts, this is a great solution. It's also a nice way to recognize several people in one business establishment, yet give each person and individual present. The variety of designs available makes it easy to choose one that will suit your event, recipient or mood! They would make great favors for weddings or showers this time of year and can easily be customized to match the event's colors. These are so cute that you might just want to purchase several sets to keep on hand for different occasions throughout the year. 
One great idea to fill these tins is Reindeer Feed! Of course, you never forget to leave out cookies for Santa, but those reindeer get tired and hungry from their long flight, too! Mix up the following in as many batches as you need:

3/4 c. uncooked oatmeal
3/4 c. sugar (can also use bird seed or shredded wheat cereal)
1/4 c. red or green decorative sugar crystals (more kind to our animal friends than the traditional glitter)

Print out the following on decorative paper and attach it with your gift:

      Santa's reindeer, on their magical flight,
      Travel thousands of miles, all in one night.
      A sparkly snack sprinkled over your lawn
      Will be just the treat for them to munch upon.
      With full and happy tummies, they'll soon be on their way
      To help Santa deliver the toys in time for Christmas Day.

You just might find that this becomes a new holiday tradition for your family.

Holiday Gift Tip: Pair a tin of Reindeer Feed with a "Cookies For Santa" charger set for an inexpensive and merry holiday gift set. 

Money Saving Kit: To save even more, recycle baby food jars to fill with reindeer feed. Add a reindeer or other themed embellishment, cover the lid with wrapping paper and add a cute ribbon!    

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