Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bonuses Continue....This Time For New Demonstrators!

If you've ever considered joining Uppercase Living, this weekend might be the perfect time! As we welcome the fabulous Uppercase Living Road Trip (just another way our great company supports us Demonstrators...when we can't go to them, they come to us!) to our area this weekend, you can take advantage of a Road Trip Special available only for those people who sign up and join my team by Tuesday morning.

When you sign up for Uppercase Living, you get a Starter Kit filled with everything you need to get off to a great start with your new business. In addition to business supplies, catalogs, samples, and more, you also receive a credit that you can use on anything you want for yourself or to display. With this weekend's special bonus offer, you'll receive an extra $50 in Uppercase Living product that you choose! This fabulous deal essentially makes it possible to begin your Uppercase Living business for only $25!

There are lots of reasons to join my Uppercase Living team: from the opportunity to help your family financially, to being able to earn fabulous trips and incentives, to having the chance to share our fantastic products with people who may not even know they exist. Remember your excitement the first time you saw one of my catalogs or visited my website? Now imagine being able to share that same excitement while you help your friends and customers decorate their homes in a totally new and unique way.

It's not often that you get the opportunity to do something this great with such a small investment. This weekend, you have the opportunity. Grab it before it's gone by going to my website and clicking on Join My Team. Follow the steps and get ready for a great journey with lots of fun, support, and countless benefits in store for you!

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