Friday, November 5, 2010

Hostess With the Bonus Promotion Starts Monday!

Hopefully, you already know that anyone who hosts a qualifying Uppercase Living party, either in person or online, earns FREE and half price products of her choice. If not, I'm not doing a very good job of informing you, am I?

You might not know that all of my hostesses also receive a "Thank You" gift from me to show my appreciation for their time and allowing me to come into their homes and present our great products. Sometimes the hostess gets to choose her gift and sometimes I choose, but I always pick things that I'd want in my own home. So if you're thinking of hosting, look forward to an extra gift from me!

Because we're thinking about the holidays, and I'm feeling extra grateful for my wonderful hostesses, I'm having a Hostess With the Bonus promotion next week and giving out even more gifts to everyone who hosts and online or in-person party. Each day starting Monday, I'll post a different bonus gift for anyone who schedules her party that day only. The bonuses are mostly in the $15-$20 value range, if not more! All you have to do is check here or my Facebook page each day to find out what that day's BONUS is. When you see one you like, just contact me to schedule your party and you'll receive your gift when you have it! Easy!

BUT, if you just hate suspense and surprises, and want to know what all the BONUS gifts are before you choose, just reserve your party date before Monday and you'll get to pick from all of the week's prizes. You'll also get first dibs on available party dates during the busy months of November and December. You can even choose a date in January and still get the BONUS!

Keep in mind that our deadline for guaranteed delivery by Christmas is December 6. So don't wait too long to have your party if you think your guests will want to order holiday gifts. Perhaps you can host a craft or project party where your friends can work on holiday gifts. Maybe you'd like to schedule a "Girls' Night" in later in December where your friends can escape from the hectic pace of the holidays and choose things to make their home beautiful year round. We can even have a game where the word "Christmas" is forbidden. The last person who avoids saying it would get a prize! Then again, if you'd like to have a casual get together for your friends to reconnect after Winter Break, schedule your party for January. Either way, you'll get a BONUS!

If you're not located near me, or your guests aren't located near you, it's no problem. You can still participate and have an online party. Your guests can order on my website and their items will be shipped to them directly. You'll still get the credit for their purchases!

All you have to do is decide if you want to find out the BONUS gifts one at a time or if you want to choose. Then contact me with your preferred date and let me know if your party will be online or in-person. I'll make sure you get your BONUS along with all of the other great things you get just for hosting. I'm definitely looking forward to all of your parties and being able to give away so many great things. Who's going to be first to get hers?

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