Sunday, October 18, 2009

Opportunity is Knocking. Are You Going to Answer?

There are details of our new Starter Kit promotion at the bottom of this post. If you'd rather not read my story, scroll down to the end. My feelings won't be hurt.

I was introduced to Uppercase Living about a year and a half ago when my friend Carolyn invited me to an Open House she was holding to support her friend, a new UL demonstrator. I knew I wanted words for the walls in our new house and had a vague idea that they were available for purchase online, but never knew what to get or how to go about it. I went to Carolyn's eagerly, looking for something to decorate my kitchen, never thinking that I'd be starting a new job soon.

During the presentation I was impressed with how easy the lettering was to apply and the massive variety of choices. I also loved the idea of designing my own expressions. But then I saw the expressions already on Carolyn's walls and my jaw dropped. That was pretty much when I decided that I needed to get in on this amazing opportunity.

This was absolutely the worst time in my life to begin a new business. I had a toddler at home as well as two kids in elementary school. I was just getting used to not being on call 24/7 with an infant and coming off a nasty bout of postpartum depression. But I kept thinking about all the times I'd wanted to take advantage of a new opportunity, ignored my instincts, then regretted it later. I decided that I was going to pursue Uppercase Living not only for the income it could provide for my family, but for the chance to do something for me after 8 years of being only "Mommy."

I'm happy to say that I've never regretted getting on board with this great company. In fact, this is the most fun job I've had since I scooped ice cream in high school (fewer calories, too). A year and a half later, I see more potential than I did at the beginning and am more eager to share this great opportunity. I'm so happy that I heard the knock and didn't ignore it this time.

If you think you might enjoy sharing UL's great products with friends, consider joining my sales team. I can go into the many many reasons to become an Uppercase Living demonstrator. The fact is, everyone does it for different reasons. I can promise you training, support, amazing products and a lot of fun. Let's face it, there are very few people who won't find something to love in our diverse product range.

Now is a great time to come on board; not only is it the start of the busy holiday shopping season (so much to love in our product line for holiday gifts and decorating) but you can take advantage of an awesome new promotion: each $99 starter kit will include DOUBLE the product credit for a total of $50 in free product of your choice. This effectively brings your kit price to just $49!!!!

I understand that this might not be a great idea for everyone, but if you think it just might be a possibility for you, let's talk about it. Are you going to ignore the knock?

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