Monday, October 19, 2009

Tips for Holiday Kits

So many of you are enjoying the kits in our first-ever Holiday mini-catalog. I wanted to pass along a few tips that will make assembly of your products go more smoothly. Don't forget you can always call me if you have a question.

• The Advent Calendar, Glass Charger, Silver Charger, and Clear Block kits all come with accessories that are non-porous. You will have much better luck with a wet application method (see the instructions that came with your order). Use Mistick if you have it. A light spray of water will also work in a pinch.
• The Advent Calendar comes with two little hooks on the back (see photos below), which you attach the crème ribbon to so you can hang it beautifully on your wall. Those hooks are positioned closer to one end of the charger which means you’ll want to make sure you designate that end as the “top” and apply your expression with that in mind, so when you attach the ribbon and hang it on your wall, it will hang properly.

Enjoy those kits and send me pictures of how you're displaying them in your homes.

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