Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THE Go-To Holiday Gift of the Season

Unless you have a) lots of time and b) lots of money, the looming prospect of holiday shopping isn't something you love to ponder. If you're like me and my friends, who don't have a lot of a) or b), you've discovered the secret to stress-free holiday gift giving is to find an item that will work for lots of people on your list and buy it in bulk.

Here is that item:

This is my set of fall coasters created entirely with Uppercase Living products. I can't tell you how nice these look in person. There is so much to love about this simple set of coasters. They look great, are affordable (a set of 4 with monograms are under $20, and embellishments such as the leaves shown here only bring the cost up slightly) and can be easily customized for each person on your gift list. Here are some ideas to help you get some names crossed off your list:

You're getting the idea, right. Can you think of some I've missed?

The fun part comes in when you decide how to further personalize each gift. Match the gourmet cook's coasters to her kitchen colors. Pick the card suits in red and black. Mix and match the family faces to reflect each family member's favorite colors. And choose race cars to match the color of the car your recipient follows. Before you know it, you'll have a ton of names crossed off your list. But don't stop there. Add a set with holiday embellishments as the perfect hostess gift. And add another for a perfect Secret Pal gift. Then add one for the office gift exchange. And finally add a couple of others for a last minute gift when you need something thoughtful, classy, inexpensive and QUICK!

Now, I know that there are others on your list that you would like to acknowledge but don't want to quite spend $20 or so on. These are great gifts for them, too! Think about splitting each set of coasters into 4 gifts! Now you can give one to your hair stylist (scissors embellishment), manicurist (monogram so it doesn't get mixed up with someone else's), favorite bank teller (same), all the day care teachers (baby faces, diaper pins, or monograms) and an entire schedule's worth of high school teachers (school mascot). Pair each coaster with a couple packets of flavored cocoa and you will have a thoughtful and appropriate gift and the recipients will have no more wet rings on their work stations. Besides, the teachers will be just so happy not to get another coffee mug!

A guest at a recent UL party I did ordered 5 sets of coasters and 5 sets of monograms. She was thrilled to have a huge jump start on her shopping and have such a unique and personalized gift.

I know you can come with tons more ideas. If you need help, let me brainstorm with you to choose the perfect embellishments for those on your gift list. Let's work together to make you the smartest gift giver you know!

Coaster Tip #1: Add a bottle of Mistick solution to your order to help you with the placement of the vinyl on the glass surface of your coasters. You will love having the extra wiggle room Mistick provides. And no worries about incorrectly placed vinyl.

Coaster Tip #2: Order your monograms and embellishments mirrored so you can place them on the bottom of the coasters. They will look just as good but won't get scratched by the bottom of the glass.

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