Friday, October 23, 2009

The Tidiest Gingerbread House Ever

You know how every year you have to bake your gingerbread, then buy all the candy decorations, the make royal icing from scratch, then get the kids together to help assemble and decorate and invariably one of the sides breaks so you have to bake one piece all over again, then the kids eat too much candy and you run out and they're running around the kitchen totally pumped on sugar and you've got powdered sugar on your face and frosting in your hair and you're wondering what you were thinking?

No? Well, me neither. I know myself well enough to never ever attempt making a gingerbread house for the holidays.

This year, thanks to UL, I can give in to the Gingerbread House requests and still keep my sanity (and a clean kitchen!). You guys are gong to love this vinyl gingerbread house with over 80 pieces of candy that can be removed and reused to redecorate to your heart's content. Unlike our regular vinyl, this kit is removable and reusable, which means you can take it down and use it year after year. There are so many pieces of candy that you might have some leftover to decorate other parts of your home.

Now through Nov. 16th, you can get this cute kit for just $19.95 with any $50 purchase for a 50% savings. There's no limit to how many you can get, so think about getting one for Grandma's house, the kids' preschool or day care, or work. There are plenty of offices who can use something fun and festive like this to keep the kids happy and busy while Mom or Dad conduct business.

Don't pass up this cute kit. Call me to order yours. With the calories you save on the candy you would've used on a traditional gingerbread house, you can treat yourself to a glass of wine to toast what a smart shopper you are.

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