Monday, December 7, 2009

The First Noel: Angie's Nativity

If you've ever seen an Uppercase Living catalog, you know that it's BIG and full of ideas and expressions on every single page. I've never had a customer NOT be able to find something that would be appropriate for her needs. Usually, the opposite is true. There really is something for almost every occasion, space, taste, environment and budget. A case in point is our selection of Christmas items. Whether you tend more toward "Bah Humbug" or go all in, you will find something to love. My customer, Angie, certainly did.

Angie decorates in gold and burgundy for the season and showcases her nativity scene on her fireplace. The expression she chose fits the spot perfectly, as does the color: soft gold, of course.
I love how festive the fireplace looks with the stockings hanging from it. I know Angie is trying to figure out a clever way to remove the expression from her wall so she can put it back next year. Personally, I think she'll like it so much that she'll leave it up year-round.

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