Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo A Day - Day 9 Fun Project

You know I love things that do double duty and this project definitely fits that description. Not only is it adorable, but it really does help locate those pesky socks that seem to disappear from the laundry. The "Lost Socks" expression here is 40% off and can be applied to our pre-drilled MDF board. Just add our bulldog clips and you're done! No more searching through loads of laundry for that one missing sock. Brilliant! What an elegant way to deal with such a mundane chore.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos for the last 9 days. It's a treat for me to be able to show you the versatility of UL products and the huge number of ways you can use them in your home or as gifts. You can browse the entire sale document of over 200 expressions and embellishments on my website. Don't forget your order of $50 or more will qualify for FREE SHIPPING. The sale continues until January 4th, but I do recommend you place your orders before the last minute because our systems tend to get very busy.

If you love what you've seen for the last 9 days, you will not believe what's in store for UL in the next catalog. Come back tomorrow for a look at the cover and a sneak peek of a few of the great new things that will be available in just a few days.

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