Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo A Day - Awesome Bathroom Idea

Vinyl aside, how awesome is this shower? I can hardly imagine not having 3 buckets of kids' toys in my shower, much less neatly folded towels and a live plant! I think that little plant actually ties in to the vinyl embellishments on the glass enclosure beautifully, and continues the botanical theme of bringing the outdoors in. The eucalyptus branches, which are on sale for 40% off, come in sets of 3 (there are 3 sets in this photo). Here they've been used in the etched glass color choice, which has a small upgrade fee. I love the idea of using a design like this to add privacy to a shower enclosure, bathroom window or front door, while adding beauty and keeping the light in. There are tons of designs in our 40% off sale that would be perfect for just that. And with FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more, you can do up a lot of spaces for a little money.

Tomorrow will be the last sale item photo of the day...but you know what's coming after that, don't you?

Sale Photo Link Tip: The links I've provided here show you the original price of the sale expressions. You will actually pay 40% LESS than the prices you see on my site.

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