Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Gingerbread Fun

It's officially November and as we all recover from our sugar comas and relax after that extra hour of sleep, I want to remind you that there is just a short time to get our cute fat-free, mess-free Gingerbread House kit.

I always recommend that my customers place this on a wall, glass door, window or refrigerator. Here are some more ideas for this fun kit. I think it will become one of those holiday items that your family looks forward to taking out and enjoying year after year.

  • Place the kit on your front door with a note asking visitors to help decorate your gingerbread house. Watch it come to life during the holiday season.
  • Use it as an advent calendar. Each day in December, add 3 pieces of "candy" to the house. In my family, that would equal one candy per child. You'll have a few left over by the time Christmas comes.
  • Have a holiday Scavenger Hunt! Hide the candy pieces throughout your house and have your children find them before decorating the gingerbread house. You can stick the removable, reusable pieces on windows, doors, walls, furniture, appliances, even inside the sink.
  • Take the kit to work! Apply it to a centrally located wall and invite colleagues to help decorate it through the season. No one will be able to walk by without adding their personal touch.
  • Carry the holiday theme through your house. Use just a few pieces to decorate the gingerbread house, then use the rest of of the "candy" in a bathroom, front door, side lights, anywhere you'd like some more holiday spirit.
  • Donate a kit to a women's shelter, group home, or any other organization that serves families. They will be so appreciative of something new to entertain and amuse their clients.
However you plan to use it, share your ideas here and don't forget that you need to order yours by Nov. 16th. Contact me for more information.

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